If you thought we had a slow start yesterday, you should see us today. Lenny Kravitz! Alicia Keys! Dreamfest was off the hook and we’re eternally grateful to Salesforce for absolutely killing it on the entertainment. Adding an extra shot to that latte this morning…

Cue up the unamused emoji. An 8:30am panel the morning after Dreamfest? Not cool.  What was cool? The room was packed and standing room only. So, in case you were ever wondering how to get Dreamforcers out of bed in the morning after a late night, you need two things: Deloitte Digital’s very own John Peto, and digital transformation (of course).

John, along with leaders from New York Life and Vlocity, walked us through how New York life has redefined the sales experience for their agency channel by rolling out a mobile-enabled salesforce solution for agents on the go. Together, they helped bring a world-class user experience to NY Life agents that helped increase productivity, growth and retention with Salesforce. BRILLIANT. 

Doesn't fall far from the tree.

Even though we’re sulking because some of our invites got lost in the mail, we heard that over 60 total attendees and 25 clients joined our leaders for a meeting at Apple Union Square. They even opened the store early for us which is NEXT LEVEL. Attendees were treated to the folks from Apple talking about how Apple uses its store to influence enterprises and connect with the community. After that, they got to learn about how Apple works with DigitalMIX in a panel with Deloitte Digital and Apple leaders. Is there nothing DigitalMIX can’t do??

Deloitte breakfast at the Apple Store

Mixing it up.

Our fearless Salesforce Leader Paul Clemmons moderated a panel on DigitalMIX, our preconfigured, pre-integrated, multi-vendor solution delivering marketing, sales, service, analytics, and the back office. The panel of superstars included Kori O’Brien, SVP, Salesforce, and Barbara Venneman, Global Adobe Alliance Leader, Deloitte Digital. The best part? We heard from several happy, big brand name DigitalMIX clients in the audience. The jury is all in agreement - DigitalMIX is where it’s at.

So money.

Over in Moscone West, Dounia Lievan led a panel with executives from Salesforce, nCino, and MuleSoft on reimagining retail banking. From taking a holistic approach, to rethinking how companies address legacy systems, to thinking through the ENTIRE customer journey, this panel was a WEALTH (pun totally intended) of knowledge.

Gettin' creative.

Today, Heat’s Mike Barrett sat on a panel about thought leadership and content marketing with Salesforce’s Julia Foster. We learned from Mike that it’s all about dialing in your storytelling, targeting that content the right way and making small bets to test that content before making those large bets. Did you know? The average person sees 1,500-7,500 ads day, but if you asked them if they remembered any of them from the day before, they can’t. As Mike says, “The challenge is, how do you get noticed and how do you make people care about what you’re saying?” As the president of an agency with EIGHT Cannes Lions, we’re taking alllll his advice.

Liberté, égalité, sororité.

Call us biased but this might have been our favorite panel of the entire show. Why, you ask? Well, first of all it featured chairman and CEO of Deloitte Consulting LLP, Janet Foutty, who is nothing short of amazing and we’re all huge fans. (Super disappointed they confiscated our Foutty for Prez signs at the door.) Secondly, it featured two other incredible ladies who are killing it in the corporate world today, Bozoma St. John, Chief Brand Officer, and Sallie Krawcheck, founder and CEO of Ellevest (who was one of the most powerful women on Wall Street once upon a time). The topic at hand was “Authentic Leadership” and what that means in today’s emotional and often volatile environment. These professional powerhouses gave the audience great advice about how trying to be something you’re not isn’t going to get you very far. The panel was in agreement that it’s best to be your authentic self (unless, as Boz pointed out, your authentic self is an a-hole and then she definitely will not hire you.) Janet stressed the importance of not feeling like you have to hide your personal life to get ahead – and it was an important life lesson for her. We floated out of this panel feeling so inspired and ready to go take on the world—can we just hang out with these three ALL THE TIME?

Janet Foutty, Bozoma St. John, and Sallie Krawcheck at Dreamforce
Sallie Krawcheck, Bozoma St. John, and Janet Foutty during a panel at Dreamforce.

Design within reach.

Can it get any better than a workshop with Deloitte Digital’s Nelson Kunkel and Kaleeta McDade? You wouldn’t think so, but add to them a room full of smart, talented women + wine and it was a party—specifically, the Women’s Leadership event at the W Hotel.

Kaleeta McDade and Nelson Kunkel at Dreamforce

Kaleeta McDade and Nelson Kunkel during their workshop at Dreamforce

For two hours at the W San Francisco, these two design-savvy cohorts took us on a journey to explore design-led thinking. From personality quizzes, to your perfect living room chairs, to design failures, Kaleeta and Nelson encouraged us to see things from a new perspective…and we had a few good laughs in the process. The end of Day 3 and we’re still laughing? We call that a win.

VIP happy hour.

How did we end Day 3? Sunset. Rooftop. Happy hour. We might be losing our voices and have sore feet from logging 25,000 steps a day and have flights to catch, but there’s always time for one more party with the team and our clients and friends. Shout out to DJ Nile for rocking on the wheels of steel. Happy (feet) hour accomplished.

Chairs and microphones in preparation for an Equality Lounge panel