What happens when we bring kids into the Deloitte Digital studio? A whole lot of fun, of course! And some learning, too.

Deloitte Digital jumped at the chance to show off our new Seattle studio and inspire future generations of professionals during “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” last week. A beautiful, sunny day set the mood for learning and most importantly, FUN, at our Seattle studio.

We greeted the children just a couple steps away from the kitchen stocked with a vast array of treats and snacks — naturally a big hit with the kids — then they went on their studio adventure. First up was a scavenger hunt (that included, believe it or not, an octopus). They test-drove a telepresence robot, participated in a video conference demo, and learned about social listening and online safety. They also toured the studio and saw a lot of super-creative folks do what they do best – Imagine, Deliver and Run the future.

The kids also put together a massive floor puzzle featuring the studio mural created by a local tattoo artist Kyler Martz. As a reward for that impressive feat, the kids got goodie bags brimming with tasty treats and Deloitte Digital swag, including a mini-version of the mural puzzle.

To finish off a busy day, the kids got creative during a block-building challenge followed by some down time with a custom-designed coloring book featuring Deloitte Digital graphics and technology-themed illustrations.

It was incredibly inspiring to see the creativity and teamwork from the studio that went into the day’s activities. We’re thrilled to have been able to spend the day with such a terrific group of young, future professionals, and look forward to many more opportunities to mold the minds of these amazing individuals, whether it’s at home or here in the office.

Olga Miller is a senior digital strategist at the Deloitte Digital studio, Deloitte Consulting LLP in Seattle. Olga is passionate about connecting brands to their audiences by leveraging digital insights to develop actionable data-driven strategies.