Deloitte Digital just shook up the digital enterprise with the worldwide launch of the ecosystem platform DigitalMix.

What just happened?

We shook up the digital enterprise with the worldwide launch of DigitalMix. DigitalMix is an ecosystem platform that puts businesses in the driver’s seat by delivering unified, personalized experiences across customer engagement channels. And, we harness our clients’ brand power to drive new consumers, products, services, and markets.

Why DigitalMix?

Because disruption. We hear this term all the time these days and its power is very real. To thrive in the digital age, businesses must be willing to change or risk becoming obsolete. With DigitalMix, companies can take advantage of digital possibilities that embrace disruption and build lasting value for their business.

How does it work?

DigitalMix brings together just the right elements from our leading technology providers to help accelerate the time to value for our clients. Specifically, the platform can transform relationships between clients and their consumers, suppliers, and other members of their ecosystem by connecting digital capabilities and technology solutions across CRM, ERP, Digital Marketing, Omni-Channel, and Tweet to Cash. DigitalMix also reflects Deloitte Digital’s continued commitment to its alliance with Adobe and Salesforce to build the next generation ecosystem.  

Worldwide Launch

We are giving the world a sneak peek of this never-before-seen platform and demonstrating our commitment to pre-configured, cloud-based services across the digital enterprise at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas and the Salesforce World Tour in Sydney.

For more information on DigitalMix, go here, or reach out to Claudine Webster, Salesforce Alliance Marketing Leader, or Michelle Young, Adobe Alliance Marketing Leader.