In a recent article, part of Doblin’s Character Traits series, Fernando De Buen López reflects on areas of overlap in music and design—and shares how it has influenced his work both as a designer and a writer.

Before studying design, I had a somewhat idyllic view of music-making. Writing music was something that came from a hazy, inspired place, where innate talent was the most important attribute of a great musician. How naïve.

In reality, music benefits from many approaches found in design, and vice versa. I have been playing and making music for most of my  life, and working in design has shaped my perspective on how they overlap — on where to bring design into music, and music into design.

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Fernando de Buen López is a senior design consultant with Doblin, Deloitte’s Innovation practice. He is interested in understanding and improving how we experience our day-to-day lives. His background in engineering and music gives him great appreciation for different problem-solving approaches across multiple fields. He has a Master’s degree in design from IIT’s Institute of Design and an MBA from IIT’s Stuart School of Business. He is passionate about music, spending much of his personal time writing and recording ideas, building music related equipment, or just thinking about music.