One year after entering the commerce space, it’s clear Salesforce is making eCommerce a priority. And CloudCraze and Deloitte are working to drive B2B eCommerce growth for Salesforce.

Transforming the way companies do business with customers

This year at Dreamforce, there were several sessions dedicated solely to commerce, including one that highlighted two top B2B commerce trailblazers – Andrew Willis, Digital Commerce, commercial operations and business development executive at Univar and Bryan Shelstad, director of digital development at Land O’ Lakes.

In the session “B2B Commerce is Transforming Channel Sales,” executives shared useful insights for companies looking to transform the way they do business with customers. The results Univar and Land O’ Lakes achieved with digital commerce native on Salesforce include:

  • Lower cost to serve existing customers
  • The ability to tap into new marketplaces to grow revenue and drive customer acquisition growth
  • Improved customer experience and engagement
  • Increased operational efficiencies and productivity
  • Speed to revenue with rapid go-to-market strategy and easy iterations

Watch the recorded session to learn all the details.

It’s exciting to see Salesforce spotlight the value B2B commerce offers its customers. It was clear at Dreamforce that Salesforce will only continue to emphasize the importance of eCommerce as part of its ecosystem. 

CloudCraze: Making it easier for customers to do business online

Digital commerce company  CloudCraze and Deloitte Digital participated in numerous other events at Dreamforce ‘17.

CloudCraze showcased its “Lightning Demo” at the Deloitte Digital booth. The 15-minute demo highlighted CloudCraze in action and demonstrated how lighting manufacturer Industrio Solutions uses CloudCraze to make it easier for customers to conduct business online. CloudCraze exhibited different buying scenarios, the Salesforce Lightning experience and how to easily configure and skin B2B storefronts. 

Both CloudCraze and Deloitte Digital sponsored the Manufacturing Campground, where they highlighted their tailored capabilities to support leading manufacturers’ complex needs:

  • FastLean helps manufacturers accelerate their time-to-value through a pre-configured and pre-integrated Salesforce Manufacturing solution that was built by Deloitte based on Salesforce technology.
  • CloudCraze helps leading manufacturers go to market quickly with digital commerce, so they can begin generating revenue faster. CloudCraze enhances manufacturers’ ease of doing business, redefining their customer engagement, and driving increased customer satisfaction and retention.