Deloitte Digital’s alliance Salesforce just acquired leading B2B commerce vendor CloudCraze. What does this mean for our clients? We sat down with Paul do Forno, a managing director in Deloitte Digital’s Commerce and Content practice and leader of Deloitte Digital’s CloudCraze alliance, to find out.

Deloitte Digital has helped clients provide B2B commerce solutions for many years with CloudCraze, built on our alliance Salesforce’s platform. And we’ve been so successful that Deloitte Digital was named the CloudCraze 2017 Partner of the Year. Now that Salesforce has just acquired CloudCraze, we sat down with Paul do Forno, a managing director in Deloitte Digital’s Commerce and Content practice and leader of Deloitte Digital’s CloudCraze alliance, to talk about what that means for Deloitte Digital and what’s next for B2B commerce.

Tell us about CloudCraze and the work Deloitte Digital does with the team.

Paul do Forno: CloudCraze is a powerful B2B commerce platform that is natively built on Salesforce’s platform, which enables companies to deliver a more integrated personalized experience for their business customers throughout the buying process. We have helped clients get to market very fast, including one of the fastest solutions ever brought to market for a large chemical distribution company. We are CloudCraze’s largest system integrator across the globe, and we are responsible for the most implementations using their platform.

We’re hearing so much about B2B commerce right now. Why is that?

PdF: B2B is an exceedingly growing marketplace and it is expected to grow from $889 billion to $1.2 trillion by 2021. Deloitte is well-positioned to continue providing the highest level of experience in B2B, and we anticipate the demand for services to increase exponentially.

What are the biggest opportunities that you see in B2B commerce?

PdF: Right now, I see the largest area of growth being the chance to help companies drive more revenue through their partners and customers that they may not have had the sales team to manage. Now with CloudCraze, they can sell more effectively to larger segments. In addition, there are still many companies primarily taking phone orders, and B2B commerce solutions like CloudCraze can help them automate online. B2B commerce has a tremendous opportunity to make the ordering experience as easy as buying products from retailers. We want to bring that award-winning customer experience that all businesses strive for into the B2B market. Those are just a few of the ways that CloudCraze can help companies thrive.

What role will our teams play in the future of implementing Salesforce CloudCraze B2B Commerce?

PdF: In the Salesforce ecosystem, now that CloudCraze is part of the fold, there will likely be a large increase in our number of clients considering B2B Commerce. One of the great benefits of the tool is that it allows us to scale B2B solutions at a faster rate than before. For companies who are looking to implement solutions quickly, we have the largest CloudCraze-trained team and are currently continuing to scale up our capabilities onshore and abroad. We work with companies to help facilitate an accurate and smooth application.

Paul do Forno is a managing director in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Commerce and Content Practice and is the leader of Deloitte’s CloudCraze alliance. He is responsible for driving the go-to-market with the alliance and delivering B2B commerce transformations powered by CloudCraze.