Sniffle sniffle, we don’t WANNA go…we’ve been having waaaay too much fun here at Adobe Summit with our friends and colleagues.

We’re now officially Experience Makers. We’re up on all the latest with Sensei and Experience Cloud and now must go home and put all that knowledge to good use for our clients. (Hi clients! Call us! We have new things for you!)

As it was the last day of Summit, there were no General Sessions filled with celebs (boo hoo) but we were totally psyched to check out our session with Kenneth Marzin of Deloitte and Kevin Mahoney, the Managing Director of Digital at the United States Tennis Association (USTA).

We’re in love-love with USTA

Over in the session halls, Kenneth and Kevin gave a winning presentation on the work we did together for the USTA. They are leveraging Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe Analytics to promote, develop, and grow the game of tennis in the United States—and we’re tennis groupies over here so we were particularly excited for this. (Hiiii Fed if you’re reading this). AEM consolidates 18 subsites into one main site, allowing content authors across 17 USTA sections to access and publish their content on one common platform, leveraging personalization to serve localized content to tennis enthusiasts. Like us. YAASSSS. The USTA has also used Experience Manager to launch Net Generation to connect youth with tennis providers to drive more kids to play tennis and engage with the game. What’s the match point of the story? Tennis is fun. Play more of it. Also, AEM is a total game-changer, although it will not change your game when you’re down two sets and you keep hitting it into the net repeatedly.

Deloitte Digital Senior Manager Kenneth Marzin and Kevin Mahoney, Managing Director of Digital at the USTA.

It’s hard being popular

After the session we headed back over to our booth in the Community Pavilion. Not to brag, but we’re going to, just a little bit, because we’re getting big heads over all the compliments we got on our booth! We’ve had so many competitors tell us how fab it is, one even said to us “Everyone on our team is IN LOVE with your booth.” Well, they’re going to have to fight us for it because we’re in love too and we’re not giving it up. Even on the last day of the Summit, our booth was still hoppin’. We might be popular, but we’ll let you sit with us.

Thumbs-up at the Deloitte Digital booth on Day 3 at Summit.

A-Doggie Summit

Adobe, you have outdone yourselves this time. I mean, sure there was Sir Richard Branson and a concert by Beck and all, but this by far takes the cake.


This is not a joke. Adobe partnered with Wagging Tails rescue, an organization dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned dogs from high-kill shelters and owner surrenders, to bring puppies to Adobe Summit. And we got to hold them. And snuggle them. And get puppy kisses from them, and rub their tiny bellies, and snuggle them some more, and then we had to go because there was a time limit, and we may have tried to smuggle a few out in our bags, but holy smokes this was the best thing EVER, and we’re pretty sure there should just be puppy conferences where every booth is just a different breed of puppy and you can play all day and perhaps this is the next evolution of Summit. Just an idea.

We’ve…had…the time of our lives…

And we’ve never felt this way before, we swear (well, except during every Adobe Summit prior). We laughed, we cried, we sang, we danced, we learned, we educated, we made friends, we got blisters. Maybe someone won $75 on a slot machine in the airport, too. But most importantly, we got to spend time with our friends and colleagues from Adobe, and as always, they totally knocked it out of the park with another fantastic event. We can’t wait to see what next year has in store.

And now, we’ll leave you with some more great photos of our week in Las Vegas (the SFW ones, anyway). Thank you, and good night! We’ll see ya next year!

Deloitte Digital Principal Dennis Startsev holding court at the DD booth.
Cuddlin’ puppies from Wagging Tails Rescue

Cuddlin’ puppies from Wagging Tails Rescue.

Adobe Summit 2018 - Deloitte Digital Day 3