Transparency and convenience enable more meaningful customer interactions that matter.

Retail banks today understand that a customer-centric experience is a way to differentiate the brand and create a competitive advantage that can't be easily replicated. A truly customer-centric experience forges deeper, more meaningful relationships, boosts customer engagement, empowers self-service and helps amplify the brand. Delivering such an experience is easier said than done.

A positive customer experience is more than just a series of transactions. Many retail banks have learned from experience that making incremental improvements to the status quo, such as “digitizing” the process is not nearly enough to get the job done. Banks who analyze the entire customer experience often find ways to add value at every touch point.

I see many opportunities for banks seeking an accelerated path for ready-to-use digital solutions. Working with industry leaders, nCino and Salesforce, Deloitte Digital is helping banks transform their banking enterprise with new solutions to provide:

  • Aggregated account data that offers a unified view of the customer’s evolving needs
  • High touch interactions that enable more meaningful bank and customer interactions in the moments that matter
  • A highly personalized, integrated, and end-to-end view of the customer that helps the bank offer products and advisory services that are relevant to the customer’s unique and changing needs

Deloitte, nCino and Salesforce are working together to deliver a differentiated and frictionless experience that is high touch and personalized.

Delivering solutions to clients requires a lot of creativity and experience across multiple platforms and technologies. Deloitte Digital integrates pre-configured, cloud-based services efficiently with industry-leading insights and accelerators. Because nCino’s technology runs on top of and extends the Salesforce platform, it can easily accommodate specific banking demands.

The nCino technology brings integration of third-party solutions, as well as relationship, loan, product, and service data from existing bank systems. This means disparate systems can be replaced with a single digital platform that covers both the banking institution and their customers. Because nCino directly integrates with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, there is no need to toggle between different systems.

Even more, nCino’s Bank Operating System enables banks to forge deeper, more meaningful relationships with its customers so that they can:

  • Bank anywhere at any time
  • Achieve 360-degree views to understand and address a customer’s full range of personal and business banking needs
  • Offer loans quickly

And nCino and Salesforce can help banks get the right tools and insight (with reduced friction points) to become a trusted advisor to their customers across their entire journey.

My take on the big picture gains for banks today is that these solutions can provide greater agility at lower costs, speeding the full realization of meaningful customer and bank relations. Are you ready for the Retail Bank of the Future?

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Dounia Lievan, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, is responsible for Deloitte Digital’s Banking practice and passionate about helping banks with digital transformation and innovation. She has been published in Bankless Times and recognized in dBusiness and Crain’s for her contributions to the banking industry.