Deloitte Digital is taking customer experience to new heights by combining traditional data with emotional data to deliver more personalized, contextual experiences.

What just happened?

We are redefining the next generation customer experience with the global launch of ExperienceMIX. ExperienceMIX is an ecosystem platform that sits within Deloitte Digital’s broader DigitalMIX ecosystem platform and brings together leading, complementary Deloitte Digital, Medallia and Adobe Experience Cloud capabilities to engage and interact with customers in a deeper, more meaningful way. Together, these capabilities can enable companies to move their customers from being merely satisfied to fiercely loyal.

Why ExperienceMIX?

Customers who have a positive emotional experience with a brand are 15 times more likely to recommend, eight times more likely to trust, and seven times more likely to purchase from that brand. Additionally, 80 percent of the decisions we make each day are based on emotion, but the data we use to drive offers, actions and interactions lack emotional content. We call this the “emotional paradox,” and it’s time for a new solution.

How does it work?

ExperienceMIX pairs traditional customer data with emotional data to deliver personalized, contextual experiences. This pre-configured solution integrates Medallia’s Experience Cloud, which gathers contextual emotional and experience data at scale, with Adobe’s Experience Cloud to ingest and analyzes customer data, make real-time decisions based on the next best action, and orchestrate value-based, omni-channel customer experiences. ExperienceMIX can also increase share of wallet, improve customer loyalty, and reduce operational complexities for brands. We have debunked the emotional paradox!

Global Launch

We are giving the world a sneak peek of this platform at the Medallia Experience Conference, May 15 and 16, in Long Beach, California.

For more information on our solution platform, please go to, or reach out to Tim Greulich.

About DigitalMIX

ExperienceMIX sits within Deloitte Digital’s broader DigitalMIX ecosystem platform - a custom, multi-solution portfolio of core marketing technology, deep analytics, customer relationship management, order and billing management, industry accelerators, and cloud-based services. Designed to deliver a one-stop-shop for strategy, digital processes, design, and technology, DigitalMIX integrates our pre-configured, cloud-based services with industry-leading solutions throughout the digital enterprise.

Angel Hollis Vaccaro serves as the leader for Deloitte Digital’s Marketing and Experience Services practice. This practice helps companies rethink and redefine how they interact with their customers through personalized, relevant and real time omni-channel capabilities, with a focus on driving value creation and customer loyalty.