In today’s world, where companies strive for closer relationships with their consumers, experience is everything.

With the creative and digital capabilities of Deloitte Digital and the simple yet powerful technology of Salesforce behind your business, are you ready to reimagine the next level of consumer engagement across industries?

The Retail and CPG industry has undergone a significant transformation over the past decade and continues to quickly evolve with shifts in demographics, attitudes, and consumer preferences. As new channels provide more opportunities than ever before to connect with customers, these customers are also increasingly seeking shopping that is tailored to their unique preferences and desire a seamless experience whether it’s in-store or online.

To dive deeper into the changing behaviors of today’s consumer, the Deloitte Retail industry marketing team launched a yearlong study. The consumer is changing, perhaps not how you think examines government data and the feedback of more than 4,000 US consumers, providing valuable insight into the minds of the modern customer.

We learned that today’s consumers are still spending money on the same categories—food, shelter, alcohol, and furniture, to name a few. However, the median salary hasn't risen at the same rate as the costs of things like smartphones and healthcare, forcing many consumers to stretch their wallets further. When making purchasing decisions, we found that the consumer still looks at value, product, and convenience, yet the expansion of channels is driving more competition for their attention.

With the multitude of shopping options available, it’s important for brands to engage at every step of the customer journey. Whether the consumer is doing initial research online, stopping by the store to check a product out, or browsing a social media page, brands should facilitate a personalized, comfortable experience.

So how can brands maintain an active presence in all places and yet keep fulfillment streamlined? The answer may lie in deep integration across all channels, including websites, marketplaces, social media, and in-store. Deloitte Digital is driving solutions that integrate shifting consumer preferences within the evolving technological landscape, leveraging the expanded B2C capabilities of Salesforce technology.

We are combining capabilities such as next best experience, voice, connected store, loyalty, and social CRM (WeChat, Instagram etc.) into one Connected Consumer Platform to easily interact with customers at every touchpoint of their journey. This B2C program is focused on building a common set of thought leadership principles and supporting capabilities for consumer engagement associated with the Salesforce platform on a global basis.

The program kicked off with the Retail and Consumer Products (RCP) industry, where we see untapped opportunities to expand digitization to address many key business challenges, and is expanding to focus on other high-touch industries including TelCo, FSI, and Life Sciences.

Combining digital solutions with personalization can help businesses match the evolving demands of the consumer. All of the consumer capabilities being created will help companies focus on customer-centricity and digital actions that can enable a seamless personalized journey for each customer.

Connected Consumer platform features:

  • Voice: A Salesforce voice assistant for your sales and service representatives to help improve productivity by easily accessing what they need while talking to customers for an enhanced customer experience
  • Next best experience (NBX): A unified cloud-based sales platform consolidating outputs from disparate, insight-producing engines for both sales reps and retailers to enhance the engagement with customer base for each group
  • Social CRM: Scan QR code for product info in local languages and verify product authenticity, location specific offers, and loyalty engine
  • Loyalty: Understand trends, options, technical landscape, and approaches across clients to go beyond simple point-based systems
  • Connected store: Pre-/during/post-visit consumer engagement, clienteling, IoT, wayfinding, digital reality (augmented and virtual), next best message, frictionless checkout, inventory management, footfall analytics, store associate workflow management, and more

Salesforce Connections 2019

We’re excited to share our Connected Consumer capabilities and predictions for what’s next for B2C brands at Salesforce Connections. As physical and digital worlds continue to blur and innovative technology radically transforms our lives, the opportunity to create a transformative customer journey starts with understanding your customer.

You need to put the customer first. We'll show you how.

Tuesday, June 18 | 2:30 p.m.–2:50 p.m. | Sponsor Theater

The customer experience is everything. Knowing who you’re selling to, why they love you, and how you can make every purchase a delight determines the success of your brand. Join us for a speaking session to learn how your organization can find streamlined success with Deloitte Digital and Salesforce.

B2C Launch Party

Tuesday, June 18 | 4:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. | Deloitte Digital Booth #4

Hear from Deloitte Digital leaders on the future of consumer engagement at our booth on Tuesday, June 18 to as we kick off our new Connected Consumer Platform!

Salesforce and Deloitte Digital are forging a powerful new relationship centered on commerce, retail, and B2C solutions. Join us for a special announcement at Connections where we will unveil our new Connected Consumer Platform to educate the market and paint our shared vision for the future. This event is open to all Connections attendees!