When mobility providers deliver a truly elevated human experience, they win. According to our research, winners captured more than 2.4 times the market share as compared to low performers. For rental cars, this translated to, on average, a tripling of outsized revenue growth over a two-year period.

Visiting friends across town. Getting to work (and getting there on time). Taking your child to a flute lesson. Humans have a fundamental need to get from point A to point B, and a car has traditionally been what gets us there.

Innovation throughout the past decade has opened up new possibilities in mobility. The extended auto industry represents nearly $2 trillion in revenue—more than 10 percent of US gross domestic product. Yet across the mobility ecosystem, concerns around passenger safety, data usage and protection, and customer service have allowed for skepticism. In fact, 67 percent of car renters said it was highly important that rental car companies focus on delivering consistently polite and friendly customer service, and 95 percent said it was highly or moderately important. With those responses in mind, it’s not surprising that our recent Global Marketing Trends research identified trust as a primary reason why and how customers will examine brands in the future.

So, how can brands build trust? By elevating the human experience—that is, by aligning the values and connecting the experiences of the humans who travel (i.e., customers), the humans who serve (i.e., employees, drivers), and the humans who enable (i.e., partners).

Download our POV for the full report on human experience in the rental car and rideshare industry.

Ashley Reichheld is a principal at Deloitte Digital and the leader of the Customer, Brand & Experience practice for the automotive, transportation, hospitality, and services sectors. She is deeply passionate about making the experiences people have with companies feel more human.  

Mark Allen is a principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP and the leader of the Customer and Marketing practice.

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Emily Ballbach is a manager in the Strategy and Consumer Insights practice.

Maggie Fletcher is a senior consultant in the Customer and Marketing practice.