Curious about ways to level up your factory? Learn how manufacturers can reap the business benefits of digitally-enabled smart factory solutions with IIoT, OEE, and PTC.

What does it take to bring a manufacturer into the era of Industry 4.0? It’s not just about the technology—although that’s a non-negotiable. It requires the convergence of people, processes, and data, too.

At Deloitte Digital, our ecosystems of innovative alliances collaborate to dream up solutions that change the way organizations do business. Together with our alliances we can help connect people, products, and operations to more efficiently deliver results for our manufacturing clients.

By connecting the pillars of an enterprise—the people, processes, and data enabled by technology—industrial organizations can leverage digital capabilities and uncover more effective ways to operate. In a smart factory setting, our solutions enable manufacturers to discover value through scaled adoption of digital technologies, including advanced analytics.

Taking our smart factory solutions to the streets

Our client, a manufacturer of food and beverage packaging products, wanted to improve business performance in their plants by leveraging innovative IIoT (Industrial IoT) technologies. Our cross-functional team collaborated closely with our client’s subject matter experts across engineering, maintenance, operations, and IT, along with PTC and HPE, to unlock the organization’s business potential with smart factory capabilities including data-streaming architecture, persona-based user experience, analytics, and secondary sensor recommendations.

Now, IIoT technologies provide our client with the actionable insights they need at a plant persona level to optimize machine, process, and human performance along and across production lines resulting in revenue growth and lower operational costs through enabling factory workers to perform their jobs more proactively versus reactively to potential operational issues.

In addition, we also conducted an assessment of our client’s people, process, technology, and assets to build a set of smart factory capabilities that can scale across all of the manufacturer’s facilities. 

Whoa, tell me more!

If you are still wondering how we were able to implement a scalable, industrial IoT solution for our manufacturing client you are in luck! PTC and Deloitte are hosting a webinar on February 20, 2020 at 2 p.m.

The webinar will feature Deloitte’s Rick Burke, Specialist Leader in Deloitte Consulting’s Digital Supply Network practice, Howard Heppelmann, GM, Connect Operations Solutions, PTC, and Christine DeHaven, a Senior Director in Digital Manufacturing, Pactiv. Together, they'll elaborate on our smart factory solutions. The webinar, How industrial IoT increases overall equipment efficiency, will explore:

  • What kind of value did a smart factory solution bring to our client?
  • How Deloitte and PTC enabled our client to better understand and improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE) across their assets, lines, plants, and the enterprise
  • Best practices and for building a business case for implementing smart factory solutions and measuring ROI after implementation
  • Our MAPI Smart Factory Study

Sign up for the webinar for free here.

Want to learn more about how Deloitte and PTC help unlock value with smart factory solutions? Click here to learn more via PTC or Deloitte.

Still can’t get enough?

We know, we know… digital transformation is neat, especially when it comes to industries that aren’t top of mind when you think digital. Check out these additional materials for more:

Stephen Laaper is the Digital Supply Networks leader in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Strategy & Operations practice. Stephen brings a unique mix of industry, consulting, and technology experience with a broad range of clients across the life sciences, automotive, and consumer products industries.