Deloitte Digital’s Connected Store is heading to Hong Kong to launch its APAC presence at Retail Asia Conference & Expo, May 7-10. The Connected Store—powered by Deloitte’s ecosystem of partners and alliances, including Salesforce, Apple and numerous start-ups—inspires retailers and consumer product brands to reimagine their omnichannel shopping experience.

Disruptive forces in the retail and consumer products market are challenging the status quo. It’s time for companies to step up and respond to growth, margin, and brand pressures by integrating and deploying cutting-edge solutions. They’ll need the creative and prospective that comes from the latest technology to delight consumers with every interaction.

apple and deloitte digital the connected store

Enter: Deloitte Digital’s Connected Store. The Connected Store helps brands create compelling, end-to-end omnichannel experiences across all shopping touchpoints in and out of the store. It tailors consumer journeys by vertical, including apparel, beauty, shoes, and grocery. It efficiently integrates physical and digital channels through the use of Digital Reality (augmented/virtual reality), IoT, facial recognition, smart video, cashier-less checkout, smart shelf monitoring, and inventory tracking, among others. The Connected Store allows for real-time inventory and store management in addition to targeted marketing and personalized consumer experiences—helping drive profit through higher conversion, loyalty, and streamlined operations.

Deloitte’s industry-recognized experience helps companies rethink the store of the future to identify, recognize, and act on customers’ pain points and to digitally enable the store workforce for enhanced productivity.

The Connected Store: Benefits and features

Shopper 360

Relieve pain points of the in-store shopping experience while enhancing experience across channels through:

  • Omnichannel shopping enablement: Support buy-online, pick-up in-store for today’s digital customer that prefers “want-it-now” shopping experience
  • In-store digital experience promotion: Offer best-in-class in-store digital experiences including wayfinding and calling for in-app associate help
  • Campaign promotion support (with predictive scoring): Ability to identify and target specific set of customers based on buying propensity
  • Digital Reality integration: Offers innovative ways of finding additional product information to make purchase decisions
  • Self checkout integration: Provision contact-less self-checkout using IoT sensors and embedded payment methods

Store 360

Assist in elevating in-store associate awareness and overall service level, along with improving productivity through:

  • Clienteling integration: Enable store associates to spend more time helping the customer during their shopping journey
  • Real-time inventory visibility: IoT-powered inventory solution provides accurate and real-time inventory across store. Supports timely re-order and re-stock events
  • Mobile point of sale integration: Offer mobile point of sale for speedier checkout and endless aisle capability (ship-to-home)
  • Store operations: Improve capabilities for leaders to manage the store and staff to better serve customers and complete tasks, improving overall communication

See you in Hong Kong!

Experience Deloitte Digital’s Connected Store at booth 5B-500 at Retail Asia Conference & Expo, designed to elevate consumer experience and store associate effectiveness to drive growth, reduce costs, and increase customer loyalty. The Connected Store is a key part of our Global B2C Salesforce program to enhance customer engagement across industries.