Olá, privet, and marhabben! Deloitte Digital is excited to announce that we’re expanding to Brazil, Russia, and the Middle East over the next few months.

Okay, we’ll admit it. We thought the Deloitte Digital family—what with its smart, creative people who support one another and work together to make big, awesome things happen—couldn’t get any better. But that’s before we knew we were adding a few new faces to the crew. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for our upcoming studios in Brazil, Russia, and the Middle East! Here’s a quick look at what our new locations will be up to.


It’s home to five-time FIFA world cup champs, the best caipirinhas we’ve ever had, and now: Deloitte Digital. Some of the best minds in South America are coming together in Sao Paulo to form a team focused on digital transformation, customer experience, commerce, and AI. We’re excited to have you!


For all things digital transformation (digital strategy, ecosystems, CVC funds) full-cycle product development, and strategic marketing, this team has your back. Let’s give it up for Deloitte Digital Moscow!

Middle East

The new Deloitte Digital Center (DDC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia opened on September 30, and we couldn’t be more proud of these folks! They’re already hard at work focusing on digital initiatives for businesses and the public sector across the Middle East. They’re also directly providing employment opportunities for leading talent as the global economy continues to be transformed by technological development, as well as helping private and public sector organizations train, develop, and enhance their own workforces. Go team!

We’re thrilled to welcome these three new locations to the team and can’t wait to see what new inspiration, diverse perspectives, and creative drive they bring to the table.