Sure, there was virtual everything and video all the time, but 2020 is also a year we’ll always remember as a time of vulnerability. Of versatility. Of refreshed vision. It has been a year of empathy, adopting new ways of working, and helping our clients shape experiences around evolving human needs.

Even though we couldn’t see each other in person, 2020 was a year defined by connection. Guided by our aspiration to elevate the human experience in all we do, our teams across the globe learned how to connect in new ways—with each other, with clients, and with friends and family. We joined the diverse parts of our business—from strategy and design to technology implementation and services—to connect our clients with the potential in theirs, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Here’s a peek at how we made work from home, well, work:

Casey’s General Store | A brand’s digital journey:

Casey’s General Store knew its customers loved the pizza. But how could it transform its customer relationships to inspire loyalty and ignite growth? Traditional brands need state-of-the-art digital solutions to re-engage with customers and drive growth. Watch the video to find out how this community-centered convenience store chain in America’s Midwest took that crucial step.

A new, more human world

To better understand the new world we’re living in, our team talked with people everywhere to gauge how our preferences and expectations are shifting in the COVID-19 era. Our Human Experience in Times of Uncertainty research uncovered real human sentiment and emotions in just about every industry, from hospitality to automotive to retail. We even discovered that there are three “COVID mindsets” that people fall into when it comes to their attitudes and behaviors during this time. Which one are you?

Human behavior during COVID | Human Experience in Times of Uncertainty:

Deloitte Digital researched over 28,000 people to understand the human experience in times of uncertainty. Our research reveals that Americans fall under three different mindsets: Protectors, Pragmatists and Prevailers.

Once we understood how human attitudes and emotions are shaping decisions in this new era, we developed insights to help guide our clients:

Trusting your inner leader

This year was all about learning to embrace uncertainty and we learned from the best when Ronan Donovan and Ami Vitale, two National Geographic explorers, taught us how adaptability and vulnerability are two traits that can make or break a strong leader.

National Geographic's Ami Vitale | Deloitte Digital:

Innate human abilities like trust, empathy, and vulnerability may feel like a given. But, what if these givens are actually a superpower? National Geographic Explorer Ami Vitale explores how honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity enable deeper credibility and trust at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary and the surrounding community in Northern Kenya.

Our own leaders parlayed these values of trust and connection into one of our most collaborative years yet, including:


Sneak peek: Virtual Factory 3.0 | Deloitte Digital:

Dub Dub meets her match—literally, her digital twin. Stay tuned to find out what happens to Dub Dub as she becomes an improved version of herself using the digital thread—and in the meantime, download the Virtual Factory by Deloitte app to experience a smart factory come to life in the palm of your hands. See and interact with our innovative 3D virtual rubber duck factory, featuring real-world use cases that showcase how technologies such as Digital Twin, IoT, 3D printing and Augmented Reality can help enable digital supply networks to transform manufacturing operations with the power of the Digital Thread. Unlock scalable solutions with real-time insights end-to-end visibility from design to field.

People powered

All this work to elevate the human experience starts with, well, our awesome humans. We’re pretty proud of them.

We’re also pretty proud of the work. Here are a few of the ways we’ve been recognized in 2020.

4 ways to elevate the human experience:

Now, more than ever, we need to elevate the human experience. Not just to sell. But to connect.

The future is looking bright

Agility and creativity have always been core to the way we approach our client work. But in this—to quote everyone else on the internet—unprecedented year, these traits have proved more important than ever. Think you have what it takes to help us make an impact that matters for our clients and society (even in your sweatpants) in 2021? Learn more about how we bring creativity and technology together to imagine, deliver, and run the future. And while you’re at it, check out opportunities to join the team.