School is now in session with the launch of Deloitte Digital’s Salesforce Academy (DDSA), which provides opportunities for college students interested in tech and consulting.

We’ve all heard generations before us lament the lengths they went to to get an education (we’re talking walking uphill, both ways, in the snow). But for a few of us *looks around,* we really did have to leave the safety of our dorm rooms and trudge across campus to go to class.

But now, thanks to the digital transformation of well, just about everything, university scholars (and students of life) have access to anything they could hope to learn at their very fingertips. Enter: the incredible opportunity to participate in virtual trainings from DDSA.

What is Deloitte Digital’s Salesforce Academy?

It all started back in 2018 with a series of bootcamps aimed at bridging the disconnect between traditional university courses and job-relevant skills. You see, we were finding that a lot of college students weren’t learning about CRM, tech projects, Salesforce, Agile, or software development lifecycles—skills and programs that are crucial to our everyday jobs.

When we started hosting the bootcamps, it was with the intention of changing how we source, attract, and evaluate candidates based on a 15-hour job simulation. Now, DDSA has evolved even further with Salesforce coming on board to help us introduce Salesforce and consulting skills to college students during three virtual co-hosted sessions.

Tell me more, tell me more

Through activities like live webinars, newsletters, and competitions, participants learn the basics of Salesforce, see what consulting at Deloitte is like, and gain experience working with the fast-growing Salesforce CRM tool. Topics include the Salesforce ecosystem, a day in the life of a Salesforce consultant, and a 360-degree view of a Salesforce project.

Additionally, participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions to Deloitte and Salesforce practice leaders (read: some pretty awesome people) and compete in a national Trailhead competition to win prizes and certification vouchers.

That’s awesome! I’ll definitely share this with my favorite college students

That’s the spirit! And while you’re at it, make sure to mention that Deloitte Digital’s Salesforce Academy is a great way for students to gain exposure to both one of the fastest growing companies, (and duh, one of our most very favorite organizations). It also provides practical experiences like using Salesforce tools and working with teams to really offer students a leg-up when they enter the job market post college.

Interested students can apply online or email us for more information. See the official rules here.

Learn more about our alliance with Salesforce.