Marketing today is more than just dazzling creative and effective storytelling. It takes a strategic combination of technology, capabilities, and change management—one that Deloitte Digital and Adobe are helping marketers make the most of to elevate the human experience.

As organizations evolve to become more customer-centric, so too must the role of the marketing function. More than ever, CMOs and marketing leaders are adapting to the ever-shifting demands of customers across new channels, devices, and touchpoints. And marketing is now directly responsible for data analytics, customer experience, digital, mobile, and web development, technology strategy, and more.

A key obstacle, however, to marketing organizations delivering best-in-class experiences is the unprecedented complexity presented by an abundance of marketing technology capabilities.

So how can marketers declutter?

Leveraging Deloitte Digital’s extensive experience helping clients improve customer engagement across a breadth of industries, we’ve developed a simplified framework to organize MarTech capabilities and platforms across people, process, and technology.

We call it the “6 Cs of MarTech”—key areas that can help your organization map out a winning strategy for elevating the human experience. Each element of the 6 Cs is essential and interlinked, and together with Adobe’s powerful marketing technology stack, these capabilities can drive meaningful impact to accelerate your organization into a fully owned digital future.

The 6 Cs of simplification

Central to the framework are the advanced capabilities that marketing organizations must fully own and refine to elevate the human experience:

  • Creative and content: Leveraging the Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Experience Manager can help marketers with AI-augmented content creation and dynamic creative optimization to engage customers with consistent, personalized, and relevant digital assets.
  • Campaigns: Targeted, impactful campaigns are central to achieving business goals. Adobe Campaign can help with data-driven journey orchestration and always-on campaigns—including consideration of behavioral-based deployment, devices, and channels.
  • Commerce: With Magento, Adobe’s flexible e-commerce platform, brands can leverage “lead-loyalty” capabilities, augmented reality, and immersive experiences that help drive conversion and shopper insight.
  • Customer 360: Establishing a holistic view of customer attributes, behaviors, and needs can help “fill in the cracks”. With Adobe Analytics, Audience Manager, and Adobe Experience Platform, brands can harness extensive customer data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to move beyond simple data collection to fuel better decision making.

As the Adobe 2019 Global Digital Experience Solution Partner of the Year, Deloitte Digital is helping brands combine these capabilities with powerful technology and the additional elements of process and the people who make it happen, to drive more valuable and lasting change.

  • By having clear strategic grounding, designated roles and responsibilities, and an execution plan for all activities in cross-functional groups, collaborative teams can kickstart, deliver, and optimize best-in-class experiences that drive results.
  • All levels of the organization, partners, and collaborators need to have a role in making transformation successful and lasting, and this is made possible only by a strong and impactful change management plan.

Guided by an aspiration to elevate the human experience, brands that simplify their approach by applying the 6 Cs can not only advance their capabilities, but also establish the processes and lasting change needed for true transformation.

For over a decade, we’ve worked with Adobe to help organizations achieve these goals, and with the launch of our Lift Acceleration Program™—part Adobe Experience Platform, part Adobe Experience Cloud, and part Hux by Deloitte Digital, we’ve created a new customer-centric operating model to help businesses improve customer acquisition, growth, and profitability.

Centered around the human experience, the program aims to improve customer engagement through three components: a customer-centric operating model, customer experience KPIs, and a customer engagement platform. It allows us to provide a single view of the customer in real-time, activate smart customer decisions, and deliver personalized moments across the customer journey.

To learn more about Deloitte Digital’s marketing technology offerings and Lift Acceleration Program, discover us at the digital experirence conference, Adobe Summit 2020.

Download the POV to learn more about the 6 Cs of MarTech.


Trinadha Kandi is the Marketing Technology Leader and Expert Advisor in Deloitte Digital’s Marketing Transformation and Technology practice. Trinadha’s core expertise sits at the intersection of marketing, technology, and data.