You’ve heard it before—likely even from us—brands today are increasingly competing on experience. Maybe you and your organization have even started putting pieces into place to elevate digital experiences across every one of your touchpoints, but in doing so, you’re likely also finding gaps. Gaps in talent, technology, data, and more. Experience Management can help.

Most marketing leaders today know that no matter what you call them—users, guests, customers, humans—their experience is paramount. In fact, a 2019 Gartner study states that 87% of CMOs said they envisioned their brands would be competing mostly or completely on customer experience in the coming years.

While a lot has changed in the two years since that survey—including a global health crisis that has driven the demand for the digital platforms that can help the human experience through the roof—one thing hasn’t. Consumers continue to raise their expectations of how brands engage with them, especially across those same digital platforms. The result? It’s getting more difficult for brands to connect the dots between what they know and what they can actually do.

Closing the gaps

Often, we find our clients have some of the pieces in place, whether that’s a customer data platform (CDP) pilot, content management system (CMS), or a handful of technology integrations across platforms. But in the race to implement, many organizations are finding capability gaps in channel understanding and attribution, audience modeling, talent, technology, data, and more. And these gaps are getting in the way of new growth—widening the distance and lengthening the time between the experiences they want to deliver and the ones they currently do.

It’s easy to see why: brands are fervently trying to keep pace with evolving customer expectations, opening the door to widening gaps. If your organization’s customer experience (CX) operations have grown organically, and in departmental silos, you may be facing legacy complexity and fragmented data. There’s choosing between soundalike platforms, vendors, and apps that stretch from every customer touchpoint all the way back through internal systems and core processes. Team composition. Evolving data regulations. The list goes on.

Whether on the internal operations side (your data, platforms, tech ecosystem, branding, etc.) or the external delivery side (your customer interactions, be they with humans or machines), obstacles and opportunities can appear anywhere, which makes having a 360-degree view of your business, and your customer, essential to inform your priorities.

Making the leap

Building and leveraging that 360-degree view to take control of experiences might require utilizing first-party data, bringing decisions in house, and tapping into technology to orchestrate every touchpoint. It might be a few big leaps from where you are now, but it’s certainly not impossible.

Our experience with CX transformations has taught us that the key is in connections. Connecting assets and skill sets. Connecting first- and third-party data, connecting the insights and actions needed to make the transition. Stitching all of these together and leveraging a single source of truth can help you deliver dynamic experiences as a competitive advantage.

Delivering dynamic experiences is one thing—scaling them to achieve new growth is another. And often, one of the largest gaps that organizations face is having the talent and automation to do so. Big enterprises need big resources, and operating at the next level, at speed, doesn’t come easily. For most, the natural evolution of an integrated capability isn’t fully realized due to the need to keep the business running, today.

You get it. We can get you there.

The path to new growth demands speed, scope, and scale. Deloitte Digital’s Experience Management solutions combine proprietary assets, experience, and know-how with technology platforms from key alliances like Adobe to you help leap the gaps.

We start with mapping and migrating your data to swiftly connect the right strategies and approaches based on your unique needs. Then, we rapidly design and build AI and ML decisioning capabilities by implementing our prebuilt and proven Experience Management assets from Hux, Deloitte Digital’s leading human experience orchestration platform. The Adobe Experience Platform can be paired with our Hux decisioning platform to supercharge our solutions to help you not only quickly clear the hurdles of customer experience but grow from there.

We can even operate it alongside you as you build the confidence and capabilities to take—and scale—your customer engagement from ordinary to elevated. Quickly.

Learn more about how Experience Management can help your organization make the leap that growth demands, on demand.