On Veterans Day, and every day, we give thanks to veterans for their bravery and heroism. We are committed to improving employment outcomes for the veteran and military-affiliated (VMA) community, and helping them thrive in their post-military careers. The VMA community brings unique life skills to our workforce and clients.

Today we pay tribute to American veterans who have served our country. We have more than 1,000 veterans working at Deloitte, and we are grateful to them not only for the service they provided our country, but also for the unique leadership skills they bring to the organization. 

In honor of Veterans Day, we invite you to get to know some of the veterans who have recently joined us at Deloitte:   

Ian Calvert

Solutions Analyst and U.S. Air Force Veteran

When I was preparing to transition out of the military, I found the Salesforce Military Program. I had some familiarity with Salesforce already and decided to complete the Trailheads that Salesforce offers to vets at no cost. 

A recruiter helped me land at Deloitte in September 2020 and I’m now working as a Salesforce developer on state-level projects. It’s a very new and exciting career path for me. In the military I learned how to juggle many high-priority projects at the same time. This skill has made my transition to development work easier. 

The support from Deloitte has also helped. There has been career-specific training, and also training sessions that cover the transition from military life to a corporate world. Veterans groups within Deloitte have been in touch to make sure I’m doing well.

I’m currently working on finishing a project management certification, and plan to complete more Salesforce certifications. Eventually, I am interested in moving into the solution architecture space.

Ian Headshot

What does Veterans Day mean to you? 

"Veterans Day reminds me that the people who have served in the military - or aided the military in any way - have given our all to each other and to our country."

Michael Kolcharno

Business Technology Analyst and U.S. Army Veteran

When I was in the army, I had a friend transitioning out and she told me about the Hiring our Heroes program. Once I decided to leave the army, I researched and applied to the program because I know how difficult it can be to find a good job after serving in the military. 

I was matched with Deloitte and completed a 12-week fellowship at the beginning of this year. The fellowship was a great balance of learning and networking, and getting to serve in actual project roles. I gained on-the-job experience while also receiving structured resources that helped me succeed. 

Shortly after completing the fellowship I was hired full-time, and I’m now working as a functional analyst. It’s my job to facilitate open lines of communication between our development team and the clients to ensure business requirements are met. 

In the Army, you’re often put in challenging roles where you need to learn quickly. This background is helping me get up-to-speed quickly in a new industry and new job. I’m looking forward to building on some of the leadership roles I had in the Army to take on more responsibility at Deloitte. 

Mike Headshot

What does Veterans Day mean to you? 

"On Veterans Day I think about my Army colleagues and also my family members who are veterans. I reflect on the good deeds and positive impact I’ve seen from the military."

Alex Schirra

Consultant and U.S. Army Veteran

As I was considering options for my post-military career, I attended an informational session hosted by Deloitte and connected with veterans recruiters. I applied and was accepted into the Hiring our Heroes program.

During my fellowship, I began to work on a state-level Salesforce implementation, and gained a lot of experience in a short period of time. When I was hired full-time, I was brought back onto the same project as a team lead. 

I learned many universal skills in the military, like being able to manage up and down, define team goals and priorities, and clarify what success looks like. And even though I don’t have previous software development experience, I’m leading a top performing team. I’m grateful for the level of responsibility and trust I’ve been given - and when I step up to ask for more, I’m given more.

I know some vets may shy away from the tech space because it’s unfamiliar. It’s working for me because of the quality and quantity of learning and development that Deloitte provides. The opportunities at Deloitte are exceptional.

Alex Headshot

What does Veterans Day mean to you? 

"On a personal level, it’s an interesting day to acknowledge the closing of that chapter in my life."

Thank you to Ian, Michael, Alex, and all the veterans at Deloitte and around the country. We take pride in our diverse and talented VMA community. We know they have the experience and skills to drive excellence in client service. And to help ensure the VMA community thrives, we offer a broad range of programs and resources. Our employment transition, physical health, and well-being programs have impacted thousands. 


At Deloitte, we aspire to be the leading destination for VMA talent to thrive in a professional services career. Here are some of the ways we recruit veterans to roles at Deloitte: 

  • Hiring our Heroes: The Fellows Programs are best-in-class workforce development programs that place highly skilled and educated transitioning service members, veterans, military spouses, and military caregivers with employers committed to hiring them. Deloitte has hosted two cohorts of transitioning veterans through this program and has hired 50 individuals, 90% percent of participants full-time. 
  • Salesforce Military Program: This program aims to connect VMA individuals to in-demand Salesforce careers, and provide a new talent pool to Salesforce partners. Trailhead Military provides no-cost training and certifications to active duty, reserve, guard, veterans, and military spouses. At Deloitte, we are committed to conducting guaranteed job interviews and removing the college degree requirements for all military participants who earn Salesforce certifications within select markets and talent models. 
  • Deloitte’s Veterans Talent Network: VMA individuals can join this network to receive career resources and insights into life at Deloitte. Recruiters look within this pool to match candidates with interesting job opportunities. 


 To learn more about veteran initiatives at Deloitte, please visit: