Deloitte and Shopify join forces to bring premier consulting experience to a best-in-class commerce platform. It sounds pretty great to us, too.

Setting up a commerce store is a lot like playing a guitar: Anybody can make some noise. But producing a hit takes a whole different skillset. 

Deloitte Digital and Shopify are working together to help you go platinum. See what we did there?

As the leading provider of essential internet infrastructure for commerce, Shopify makes it easy for anyone to quickly start, run, manage, and grow their commerce operations. Anyone with a product and an audience can start selling and shipping immediately. And with Deloitte’s experience in everything from strategy and commerce to full-service fulfillment, Fortune 500-size companies can now take full advantage of Shopify’s adaptive platform for their commerce needs, both online and in brick-and-mortar retail locations.

The goal: to help evolve our clients’ commerce offerings, without any disruption to the day-to-day. That means helping you get up and running quickly—while fine-tuning your sales journey to your customers and your market.

“Deloitte Digital’s clients are often looking to take advantage of changes in their respective markets. By collaborating with Shopify, Deloitte Digital brings capabilities to its clients to rapidly transform their commerce business.” 

– Scott Mager, principal with Deloitte Digital  serving as the offering leader for US Advertising, Marketing, & Commerce

“At Shopify, we support merchants of all sizes, including mature brands that want to quickly launch commerce offerings and build relationships with consumers around the world. By joining forces with Deloitte, we’ll be able to provide more of these large brands with unparalleled support, giving them access to tools at the cutting edge of commerce that are fully integrated with their business operations.” 

– Rupert Bonham-Carter, Director of Global Sales and Partnerships at Shopify


Gaining and keeping commerce momentum

Direct-to-consumer markets—including retail, consumer packaged goods, technology, media, and entertainment—saw incredible growth during the online shopping boom throughout the pandemic. The pressure is on to keep up the pace. Enter: Deloitte Digital and Shopify. We’re helping medium to large organizations take their online sales to the next level. 

With experience from both Deloitte and Shopify, businesses can benefit from:

  • ERP system integration: Why reinvent the wheel? If your organization is already making serious sales, your commerce solution needs to keep pace with your existing infrastructure. That can be made easier with Deloitte’s enterprise integration experience and Shopify’s integrated commerce platform and third-party marketplace tools. Your new commerce venture will fit with your existing logistics and payment systems. 
  • On-brand customer experience: Shopping should be fun, so your customer’s journey needs to be flawless. Shopify and Deloitte can help ensure that the user experience maps to your current marketing campaigns—and that you’re serving customers where they are, offering all the right language and currency options.
  • Targeted social media marketing: Driving traffic from social channels to your store is the whole point. But with social trends changing so quickly, it can be hard to keep up (what’s the latest social media dance again?). By combining the social commerce strength of both Shopify and Deloitte, you can deploy innovative social marketing and social commerce campaigns to boost your customer base and your revenue
  • Maintaining market agility: When tastes change or a new market pops up, your commerce platform should adapt, immediately. Deloitte can help you develop a roadmap to get ahead of changing market trends. And Shopify’s commerce platform is fast and nimble, allowing you to deploy changes quickly. Together, Deloitte and Shopify can enable end-to-end execution of even the most complex commerce scenarios. 

We want to help transform how you do commerce.

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Randy Sorensen is vice president of sales at Deloitte Digital focusing on customer experience solutions for strategic customers. With more than 20 years of software and services sales experience, he has helped plan and execute the digital transformation, customer experience, and eCommerce strategy at some of the largest companies in the world.

Kelly Moran is a principal at Deloitte Digital focusing on customer experience and commerce. She has over 24 years of experience working as a trusted advisor to business, marketing and technology executives looking to leverage technology platforms to build and manage relationships with customers through digital channels. Her experience spans many industries, including CPG, retail, B2B, travel and hospitality, manufacturing, financial services and publishing.