After three years of connecting virtually, Deloitte Digital was proud to return to Dreamforce in person as a Pioneer Sponsor. If you missed Dreamforce, here’s what you should know.

Deloitte Digital @ Dreamforce 2022

It's a wrap for Dreamforce 2022, and this year’s event left us dreaming even bigger.

Deloitte Digital brought technology, industry, and thought leaders together to discuss well-being, sustainability, how to create diverse workforces, and how trust plays a key role in driving business relationships—and, ultimately, value. We were proud to host thoughtful and innovative discussions throughout the event, and we are thrilled to announce we won two Partner Innovation Awards in the Integration and Better Together categories.

From visionary insights about the future of technology to learning how business can be the most powerful platform for change, we’re excited about what’s next.

If you missed the event, here are six takeaways to help you build loyalty and drive growth: 

1) More than ever, supporting employee well-being is critical to an organization’s success

Kirsten Rhodes, managing principal at Deloitte, spoke with Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast in history, to discuss how their well-being journeys have impacted their work and beyond. Their discussion emphasized how essential it is to prioritize all aspects of well-being and mental health across all facets of life.

Work often extends beyond a physical location—body, mind, purpose, and inclusion all play major roles in job satisfaction and employer loyalty. When organizations understand and center around well-being, they can create more transparent and supportive teams. 

2) People can be change agents, but so can businesses

In the Dreampitch session hosted by Salesforce and Deloitte Digital, which featured a panel of judges including NBA legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Deloitte Digital Chief Commercial Officer Dounia Senawi, UpLink ecopreneurs shared pitches on innovative and sustainable businesses, as well as insights into how their work is benefiting people and the planet.

In partnership with Deloitte and Salesforce, UpLink brings together ecopreneurs and sustainability and marketplace experts to source ideas and innovations in support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The digital platform hosts more than 35,000 registered users and 2,600 solutions from changemakers worldwide. Dreamforce provided a space to connect ecopreneurs pitching world-saving ideas with organizations boasting world-changing influence. Discover how UpLink can help organizations promote, support, and finance sustainable development initiatives

3) Organizations that cultivate trusted relationships can drive customer loyalty

Amelia Dunlop, chief experience officer at Deloitte Digital, sat down with Eric Berridge, Salesforce executive vice president and global commercial officer, and discussed why organizations should build trusted relationships with their customers, as well as how to build them. Berridge emphasized why working toward trusted relationships is a crucial aspect of the “Salesforce Way”—the framework that enables speed-to-value and long-term success.

The imperative to build trusted relationships is clear: Organizations that cultivate trusted relationships outperform others by up to 400%. Dunlop taught attendees how to measure, predict, and take action to build trust that leads to lifetime customer loyalty, explaining that trust is the greatest opportunity to create competitive advantage for your organization. 

4) Digital transformation is more than technology

Sam Roddick, partner and global head of Deloitte Digital, joined a group of CEOs to discuss digital transformation for an evolving future. The panelists shared strategies to accelerate constant reinvention and drive sales. They emphasized that organizations should move fast, pivot accordingly, and leverage the right technology to develop new products to meet demands.

Roddick also shared compelling insights on how organizations can avoid the pitfall of scaling digital transformation strategies before understanding the problems they are trying to solve. By prioritizing the needs and motivations that drive customer demand, organizations can transform to meet customers where they are and anticipate where they will want to be in the future.

5) Supporting purposeful and iterative approaches to hiring and training is key to retaining talent

Deloitte Digital proudly announced Wave, a new initiative launched alongside Salesforce to build talent. Wave, a free global training program, will help create more diverse workforces and launch career paths for racially and ethnically diverse individuals.

“What excites us about this program is it's inclusive and accessible to people of many backgrounds who are looking to enter the consulting world with varying levels of education or career experience,” said Harry Datwani, principal and U.S. Salesforce alliance leader at Deloitte.

The Wave program is an expansion of the Salesforce Bootcamp. It will help bridge the gap between credentials and job offer extensions. The program includes:

  • Deloitte Digital-sponsored cohorts where trainees can collaborate in sessions with colleagues from similar backgrounds
  • Consulting project simulations
  • Workforce development collaborations that leverage existing programs to teach Salesforce skills

“The Wave program furthers our aligned commitment to a global scale and reach as a purpose-driven and positive force for change,” said Don Lynch, senior vice president of worldwide cloud solution alliances at Salesforce.

This effort continues to center our focus on skills-based hiring, supporting the development of diverse talent, and creating more equitable and inclusive workforces.

6) Salesforce continues to innovate to meet evolving business needs

It wouldn’t be Dreamforce without exciting product announcements and innovations from Salesforce. Here’s a high-level recap of what’s new:  

Salesforce Genie

Salesforce introduced Salesforce Genie, a hyperscale, real-time data platform that powers the entire Salesforce Customer 360 platform. The new platform helps companies transform customer data and information into real-time personalized insights. It adapts to changing customer insights, allowing organizations to seamlessly integrate digital and real-world customer interactions to create a more personalized customer experience.

Net Zero Marketplace

Salesforce announced Net Zero Marketplace, a trusted platform that makes carbon credit purchases simple and transparent, allowing organizations to accelerate positive climate impact at scale. The platform also connects buyers with ecopreneurs, serving as a climate action hub.

Slack innovations to boost team productivity

Alongside Salesforce, Slack introduced product enhancements to help teams work together. Product innovations include:

  • Slack canvas: Helps teams capture, share knowledge, and access Salesforce Customer 360 data directly in Slack
  • Slack huddles: Now offers additional capabilities to drive digital coworking sessions, including video, multi-person screen sharing, message threads, and more
  • New Slack platform for developers: Accelerates time-to-value for automation

In addition to product enhancements, Slack also announced the first iteration of Slack Partner Industry Solutions. Deloitte Digital was named a preferred consulting partner in the launch, which is indicative of our continued investment in building solutions to achieve business goals and meet industry-specific customer needs. 

See you next year, Dreamforce!

At Deloitte Digital, we believe in transformation with trust and creating solutions at the intersection of data and design. Dreamforce provides a space to showcase how we use creativity, technology, and data-driven insights to help organizations transform impersonal transactions into trusted relationships. Though Dreamforce 2022 is over, we're already looking ahead to 2023. Until then, we'll continue to dream big and innovate even bigger to create effective solutions that help organizations build loyalty and growth.
Want to relive the magic? Check out Deloitte Digital’s Dreamforce page.