Are you up to speed on the creator economy?
As social and other online channels gained widespread adoption, brands expanded their approach to include a different type of engagement with a different type of content creator: experts and everyday enthusiasts whose knowledge and zeal for a specific subject, activity, or product category, combined with their engaging voices and platforms, give them credibility and trust among their audiences.

The creator marketing boom is here

The desire for authenticity and human connection has spawned the rise of social media influencers—and the parallel rise of influencer marketing. The social proof afforded to brands via influencers has helped drive awareness and sales across a range of consumer and business-to-business categories. And their efforts were rewarded: on average, for every $1 spent by brands, traditional digital advertising sees a $2.63 return, while influencer marketing sees almost double that at a $5.20 return?[1]

Yet brands too often leave bigger and more sustainable value on the table due to a short-sighted approach to influencer marketing. They treat influencers as tactics in campaigns rather than as cocreators of campaigns and ambassadors for brands. As a result, they miss out on the halo of authenticity-by-association—and revenues—that can be earned through a more integrated, collaborative, diversified and ongoing influencer marketing strategy.

Scaling your creator marketing model

Effective, full-funnel creator marketing depends on more than a great strategy and great creators.

It’s important to build out your internal capabilities in ways that address needs for scalability, flexibility, effective governance and more. As with any modern digital marketing initiative, effective use of technology and automation is key. This will help you address:

  • Capabilities to scale
  • Creator content management
  • Brand risks

Are you ready to take a smarter approach to influencer marketing?

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