New research from Deloitte Digital and Twilio reveals that most companies today struggle to deliver on trust in ways that matter most to consumers—and many leaders don’t even recognize it.
Business leaders generally recognize that trust plays an important role in their organizations’ success. Yet most companies today aren’t consistently delivering on the elements of trust that matter most to consumers—and many leaders don’t even realize it. In fact, we found that leaders are overly confident about almost every dimension of customer trust in brands .

These gaps between what consumers value and leaders think—and the value that many companies are leaving on the table as a result—are revealed in new research commissioned by Deloitte Digital and Twilio. During the summer of 2021 we surveyed 1,000 consumers and 500 leaders of large, business-to-consumer enterprises in the United States to identify and quantify:

  • The business value of trust.
  • Perceptions abot the factors that contribute to trust.
  • Tangible approaches that brands can take to build, rebuild and reinforce trust.
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