The acquisition expands Deloitte Digital’s content services capabilities in content production to support Deloitte Digital clients’ campaigns, websites, mobile apps, social media and brand stories. 
Deloitte has acquired Ad2Pro Global Creative Solutions Private Limited (“Madras Global”), a leading global content production agency. The acquisition bolsters Deloitte Digital’s capabilities in content production, marketing automation, extended reality and media ad production, helping to provide chief marketing officers with end-to-end content solutions that deliver personalized customer experiences and drive business impact.
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Offering creative-led services around the globe

Deloitte Digital clients will gain the ability to provide customers with impactful content that is rapidly produced, informed by data, optimized by channel, and delivered at scale. Clients will also have access to Madras Global’s proprietary technology platform that offers content life cycle management, measurement and optimization benefits. Together with Deloitte Digital’s previous AI acquisitions — Magnetic and Web Decisions — and its proprietary experience management platform Hux, clients will be able to engage further with their unique and diverse audiences at the right time, on the right channel and with personalized content.
Madras Global’s capabilities, relaunched as the Deloitte Digital Content Studio, have been fully integrated in Deloitte Digital’s advertising, marketing and commerce offering . The Content Studio complements Deloitte Digital’s existing creative-led services around the globe. With these capabilities working in lockstep, Deloitte Digital can increasingly fulfill clients’ need for more end-to-end services — helping them to work more efficiently, effectively and creatively to be more competitive in their industries.
“Our clients are seeking creative, data and marketing capabilities that provide customers with personalized and contextually relevant content for every step of the customer journey,” said Scott Mager, Deloitte Digital, advertising, marketing and commerce leader, and principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “We’re excited to have Madras Global join Deloitte Digital and to introduce our clients to their team, services and platform that enables this complex need.”

Offering personalized content at scale

Consumers judge your brand’s content in the blink of an eye. Literally. Research shows that the human brain triggers an imprint from mobile advertising in just 400 milliseconds.¹ Meantime, people are inundated with an ever-growing volume of marketing messages and other content—making it increasingly difficult for marketers to capture and maintain the interest of customers. To do so, companies need to rapidly produce and deploy impactful content that is informed by data, optimized by channel, and delivered at scale.

These demands are transforming the very foundations of how brands need to approach content. What was once a highly planned production process to support your business is now becoming a business unto itself—one driven by the same demands for quality, differentiation, agility, efficiency and scale that your overall business seeks to achieve.

With Deloitte Digital Content Studio’s 1,000+ person global capability, 24x6 production availability, capacity of over 4 million assets produced annually, we offer clients a new way to differentiate – through personalized content at scale and unique experiences that help them to truly stand out from the crowd.

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¹Mobile Marketing Association, “Groundbreaking Scientific Neuroscience Cognition Research Assesses the Time Needed to Trigger Cognitive Processing of Advertising in a Mobile Environment is Faster than the Blink of an Eye,” press release, March 6, 2019,