Brands are increasingly turning to a connected, “dual-zone” approach to customer data platforms (CDPs), enabling them to address both business and marketing needs, and drive elevated customer experiences.

When CDPs arrived on the scene, they promised a synthesis of capabilities that brought real-time improvements to the customer experience.

However, the CDP that sounds like music to the ears of marketing leaders may be perceived as noise by enterprise IT leaders. Data science and analytics teams, meanwhile, may prefer a different option all together. To create harmony from all this internal dissonance, some companies are now turning to a composable “dual-zone” CDP approach, where the first zone serves as a single repository of customer data, and the second zone helps to elevate customer experiences—all in tandem.

As a result of embracing a dual-zone approach to CDPs, leaders are deepening their understanding of customers, reducing risk through greater privacy compliance, enhancing the customer experience, and driving new revenues. How can organizations align on—and embrace—this unbundling of capabilities for optimized CX outcomes? Read our new report and gain insights from the experts on this exciting industry development.

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