The glass is half-full for wineries looking to grow in the direct-to-consumer space.
Loyalty programs present today’s wineries with the tools to personalize offerings and create connections with their customers. While brand loyalty can be exhibited in numerous ways, direct-to-consumer (DTC) is one that is on the rise; 37 percent of all consumers are now more interested in shopping with DTC brands primarily due to brand loyalty. Loyalty can be increased by paying close attention to the emotional and cultural connections that wine brings throughout a customer’s life, and increasing this value with a long-term brand connection offers potential growth that wineries would be remiss to ignore.

Finding new opportunities for connection.

DTC success for wineries lies in addressing the following three market challenges:

  • Acquiring new customers
  • Converting customers who already buy from their brand, but currently only at third-party retailers
  • Transitioning their current DTC customers to a loyalty program model

With a clear customer desire for DTC offerings, wineries sit in a unique position for potential growth. One way that they can take advantage of this trend is to double down on loyalty programs. Increasing adoption of loyalty programs via online channels will nourish a passionate customer base and ensure consistent projected revenue. While deeply-discounted third-party retailers might create a challenge for customers to justify spending more per bottle on a direct purchase from a winery, the value proposition that wineries can offer customers with DTC opportunities can meet and exceed customer expectations.

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Michelle McGuire
National Market Offering Leader – Experience Management
Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Steven Berkovich
Managing Director
Deloitte Consulting LLP