Today’s CMO must master an increasingly tangled and interdependent ecosystem of technologies, capabilities, channels, campaigns and teams … and still find time for some creativity and innovation. In the Deloitte Digital report, Modernize marketing to accelerate growth , we discuss six key trends that are helping forward-thinking marketing leaders address today’s demands for growth and better CX.

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  • Put agility at the core of marketing operations to drive faster insights and streamlined actions.
  • Embrace distributed marketing as a means to transform sales into a core marketing channel.
  • Consolidate “madtech” in ways that address rising tech complexity and legacy debt.
  • Adopt composable experience design principles to enhance differentiation and flexibility.
  • Reimagine content as its own business to meet the demand for scalable personalization.
  • Infuse B2B marketing with empathy and personalization to serve the expectations of a new generation of buyers.

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Modernize marketing:

Six trends to drive better CX & faster growth.

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