Consumers want to be heard, understood, and respected. They don’t care about your customer experience—they want meaningful, personalized, human experiences.
In the new Deloitte Digital report, Embrace meaningful personalization to maximize growth, we show how savvy CMOs and CXOs are building durable business advantages and increased customer loyalty through experience personalization.

Our research reveals the ways that next-generation experience personalization is driving next-level growth for businesses—and the gaps you need to close in order to seize the opportunity:

  • Want loyalty? Make it personal. Personalization leaders improved customer loyalty 1.5x more effectively than brands with low personalization maturity.
  • Most brands overestimate their personalization performance. On average, B2C executives are 2x more likely than consumers to say they provide good or great personalization.
  • Leading brands are separating from the pack. Personalization leaders are overcoming data complexity and talent challenges through smart strategy, focused effort, and targeted spend.
  • Bottom line: Personalization pays. Leading brands outperform laggards across a range of key business measures. For example, personalization leaders are nearly twice as likely to exceed revenue goals.
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Learn what you need to do to succeed in the era of experience personalization.

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