Digital commerce is a catalyst for an unprecedented new era of growth. Companies that capture the momentum by embracing emerging trends stay ahead and stand apart.

Once a side business, digital commerce is now a catalyst for new growth. Digital commerce was in acceleration mode even before 2020’s lockdowns kept shoppers away from physical stores and canceled face-to-face sales meetings in procurement conference rooms. The pandemic supercharged that. Out of necessity, companies of all kinds—B2C and B2B—conceived and tested inventive new ideas in digital commerce... and many of those ideas took off.

Seize the Next Era of Growth in Digital Commerce

Convenience turned to necessity

A digital transaction is no longer the finish line—it simply puts your brand in the starting blocks. Today, people expect more from online shopping. They expect brands and businesses to understand and anticipate their needs and connect them with products and services that match their personal lifestyle or organizational needs. The COVID-19 pandemic amplified expectations for all things digital, which has underscored the opportunity for commerce to anchor its importance at the center of the customer life cycle—for both B2C and B2B companies. It proved that digital commerce can—and should—be a catalyst for generating and shaping unforgettable customer experiences that drive not only purchases, but loyalty too.

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Seizing the next era of growth in digital commerce

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Ram Chandel
Deloitte Digital Commerce Market Offering Lead
Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Paul do Forno
Deloitte Digital Commerce Eminence Lead
Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP