The 2022 Deloitte Field Service Survey reveals key trends that industry leaders are adopting to increase profit margins and improve customer experience.

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of survey respondents already use field service organizations to cross-sell and upsell to existing customers


are either equipping or planning to equip field service technicians with upsell/cross-sell capabilities


outsource at least some field service work to third-party service providers

While the bulk of sales remains within traditional inside and outside sales organizations in most companies, many recognize the potential for turning their field service organizations into profit centers. But it’s not quite as easy as giving field technicians a bit of sales training and literature and turning them loose. As more field operations team members take on sales roles in the field, companies must consider multiple factors, including the need for new technologies, increased training, internal reorganization to maximize sales capacities, and ways to address the staffing gaps inevitably created by shifts in traditional roles.

In 2022, Deloitte surveyed companies with field service operations across a wide range of industries. The survey addressed the latest trends in field service operations, including the use of field operations team members to sell services outside of traditional sales channels, the management of third-party service providers, and top metrics for success in field service operations. Four key trends characterize current field service organizations and how they are keeping nimble in the face of industry-shaking changes:

  • Distributing sales to the edges of the company
  • Maximizing the potential of field service organization sales
  • Increasing flexibility through third-party service providers
  • Challenges of using third-party service providers: training and tracking
Learn how organizations are establishing their field service teams as an incremental, just-in-time sales force in our new survey report.

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