How does the human experience (HX™) change in the face of widespread uncertainty? Explore our insights, backed by proprietary research, to help make sense of this time.

We talked with cross-industry thought leaders, clients, professionals, and interesting people like you to ultimately understand how our preferences and expectations are shifting in the COVID-19 era.

Did you know that among Americans:


don't trust each other to social distance


want personal control of disinfecting items like grocery carts


want their digital experiences to feel more "human"

Dive into our three main research topics:

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On the Deloitte Experience Channel, we’re exchanging ideas, consuming content, creating new communities, and sparking human connections through shared experiences. Our latest series focuses on human-related topics that apply across industries. Tune in to each episode as we share stories, research insights, and a laugh or two.

Human Experience in Times of Uncertainty Virtual Series Preview | Deloitte Digital

How do we understand the human experience?

To deeply understand the human experience and how it’s shifting during these uncertain times, we started with human values. Values drive human feelings and actions—they are not what we do, but why we do it. Together, insights from our study can help you understand not only how the human experience is shifting, but how to build trust by meeting the human values that ultimately drive feelings and behavior.

Our research focuses on hypotheses for human behavior and emotions in the longer term—and how they might affect larger policy and experience shifts. It can also help you understand human emotions in-crisis and speculate post-crisis sentiment.

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The humans behind the research

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