Trust is what brings us, as humans, together. It’s the essential bond that underpins not only the relationships we have with one another, but also the relationships we have with brands.

To better understand how trust builds and strengthens these bonds, Deloitte Digital has built the HX TrustID™, which measures perception on the underlying drivers of trust: humanity, transparency, reliability, and capability; and further identifies the highest-impact actions a brand can take to improve its trust.

Statistically, TrustID explains 96% of self-reported trust, and improvements in any of the four drivers have a quantifiable impact on purchase behavior and employee motivation.


of people who report highly trusting a brand buy almost exclusively from that brand over competitors in the same category


of employees who highly trust their employer feel motivated to work; only 29% of those who did not trust their employer are motivated to work


of people trust businesses to define a safe path to normal during COVID

The four signals of trust

four signs of trust

How to measure trust in your organization

Want a better understanding of the trust for your brand? Try surveying your customers and workforce with these questions.

To what extent do you agree that…

  1. The brand demonstrates empathy and kindness towards me, and treats everyone fairly
  2. The brand openly shares all information, motives, and choices in straightforward and plain language
  3. The brand is able to provide quality products, services, and/or experiences
  4. The brand consistently delivers on its promises and my expectations

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