Trust is what brings us, as humans, together. It’s the essential bond that underpins not only the relationships we have with one another, but also the relationships we have with brands. Yet our inclination to trust is at an all-time low.

Building Trust

The Human Experience (HX™) TrustID™ is a data-driven tool based on over 350,000 survey responses with customers and workers across nearly 500 brands, in-depth focus groups, conversations with leaders committed to building trust, and case studies exploring situations when trust was won or lost.

Did you know that ...


Trusted companies outperform their peers by up to 400%.


Customers who trust a brand are 88% more likely to buy again.


Business leaders overestimate customer trust by over 50%.

The Four Factors of Trust™

Four factors of trust

What's your trust score?

HX TrustID distills trust to just four factors: humanity, transparency, capability, and reliability. Measure your trust score across these factors using a simple, 7-point response scale and an open-source survey. HX TrustID lets you identify your strengths and trust deficits so you can start closing the gaps.


To what extent do you agree that a brand…

  1. Demonstrates empathy and kindness toward me, and treats everyone fairly
  2. Openly shares information, motives, and choices in straightforward and plain language
  3. Creates quality products, services, and/or experiences
  4. Consistently delivers on promises and experiences
Four Factors of Trust book cover

The Four Factors of Trust book

Discover how your organization can design actionable strategies, create better business outcomes, and earn loyalty—all through trust.

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