Want to change the conversation around brand? Stop all the brand-splaining.

You know your brand is more than a marketing tool, that it truly is a financial asset—one that can be leveraged to attract better talent, create pricing power, identify unexpected partnerships, and generate sales beyond the now. Proving that, however, has been a challenge—until now. Enter BrandWorth, a powerful new way to measure the impact of brand investment and improve brand ROI on every stage of your marketing funnel, including customer acquisition. BrandWorth is a tool designed to help CMOs measure, model, and improve the value of branding across their organization.

1 to $1,025,000,000: the brand relationship CMOs should know

BrandWorth began as a search for a better way to understand the real, financial impact of brand investment today given the new role of data, the expanding number of channels, and the mercurial nature of consumer loyalty. That search yielded something better than insight alone. It informed a new tool that can help CMOs model brand impact over time, by audience, and against their competitors. And we found that BrandWorth metrics had a stronger correlation to revenue than increasing awareness, impression, consideration, or even a company’s Net Promoter Score.


Introducing BrandWorth—a powerful new way to measure the impact of brand investment
Steps to create a brand name that drives long-term, enterprise value
The four key metrics of brand value
Build your brand as a financial asset, not just a marketing tool

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Maggie Gross
Principal, Brand Offering Lead
Deloitte Digital