To be a leader in the experience economy, your brand must master customer data and decisioning—the foundation of scalable, personal experience.

Turning Data into Your Growth Engine

Thanks to the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning, data management tools, and omnichannel engagement platforms, it is now possible for brands to remember you, listen to you, anticipate your needs, and get you there faster.

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How do you make that happen for your customers? Through a unified, connected core of customer data—managed and activated by your own people and technology. Through a customer-centered, responsive approach to privacy and operations. And through automated, personalized, intuitive, in-the-moment decisions that orchestrate and elevate every customer experience at every touch point with your brand.

The lightbulb moment for data-driven decisioning

Why shouldn’t everything remember you, listen to you, anticipate your needs and get you there faster?

Each day, brands are answering those questions via new business models, services, and tools that orchestrate more personal, more human experiences at scale. In a world of price and feature commoditization, experience has become the primary differentiator and driver of growth for brands.

In today’s complex and fast-moving environment, trust is paramount. And building trust among millions of customers depends on your ability to automate smart decisions at scale, in real time, and based on personalized data—all while respecting privacy through transparent policies and enhanced customer choice. By mastering those capabilities, you’re able to show customers that you know them best, listen to them most intently, and serve them most intuitively. You’re able to orchestrate consistent, connected, relevant experiences. You’re able to treat people as real, unique, individual people.

Elevate experiences, and grow

Even as data and automated decisioning have become more critical to business differentiation and growth, many brands struggle with foundational issues such as complexity, redundancy, conflicts and disconnection between technologies, and more.

In our work with clients across industries, we’ve identified five underlying trends that are leading experience-focused brands toward better data and decisioning mastery. By adopting and mastering these approaches, your brand can effectively flip the switch on experience—and map a route toward fast, sustainable growth.

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