As the days of selling purely on product, features, and price fade away, the need for stellar experience has grown more important, giving the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) a more dynamic set of responsibilities. The CCO role has grown exponentially over the last five years with many stepping into it without a clear view to what it takes to be successful. We’re here to help.

Only 55% “strongly agree” that they are responsible for the “end-to-end” customer journey


Only 20% of CCO's receive invitations to attend or speak at board meetings “very frequently.”


At least 50% said that cultural resistance is one of the greatest challenges they face

So what does it take to succeed? Deloitte completed its Global CCO Study to answer that question. We structured our study around Deloitte’s Five Tenets of the Human Experience so we could understand not only how CCOs are thinking holistically about the customer experience, but also how they’re approaching the workforce and partner experience.  CCOs who embrace the capabilities needed to Elevate the Human Experience were nearly twice as likely as their peers in their industries to have significantly higher net margin and revenue growth rates. 

We discovered five insights core to the success of high performing CCOs and are reviewing each in our CCO article series.

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Article Two: CCOs need to disrupt traditional thinking and act with more agility.
Article Three: Strategies need to be built around and with your customers.
Article Four: Leading CCOs find success through artful collaboration.
Article Five: The case for change is in the metrics.
Article Six: CCOs need a seat at the leadership table.

EHX™ Building Blocks

Building capabilities for EHX™ requires focus in three integrated disciplines: HX Strategy, HX Enablement and HX Management with a view to customer, workforce, partner experiences.  We’ve developed nine core capabilities within these disciplines that combine to create a cohesive approach to Elevating the Human Experience.  We assess organizations maturity in each of these capabilities to help create a roadmap for EHX™ development.

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The Experience Lab

So you just stepped into the role of CCO (or Chief Experience Officer)…  now what?  This is a role that has been growing in popularity over that last few years, but often comes with an undefined scope and big expectations.   Don’t worry, we’re here for you!

The Experience Lab is a series of activities created specifically for executives who are responsible for shaping the experience agenda for their company. We understand that you might not ‘own’ the whole end-to-end customer journey, but you’re still on the hook to deliver better CSAT/NPS scores and create operational efficiencies.  Together we will fine-tune your aspiration and create your strategic roadmap to set-up success and Elevate the Human Experience.

Check out our Experience Lab One-Pager.

What do we achieve in an Experience Lab?

  • Define the Aspiration: What’s the vision for the organization—what does it mean to create a true human connection in service of the organization’s goals for their customers (CX), workforce (WX), and partners (PX)?
  • Discuss hopes and fears: We’ll identify potential barriers and develop plans to support a successful journey.
  • Gain 360-degree feedback from peers and executive leadership to understand what they are expecting and what success looks like.
  • Create your initial EHX Strategy: We’ll work with you to create your campaigns, key strategic initiatives, and pilot opportunities based on your aspiration and current, in-flight plans
  • Identify capability gaps using the EHX building blocks.
  • Create a Stakeholder Map and engagement plan to create followership and buy-in within the organization and with external stakeholders.
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