Anupama Vemparala (Anu) is a managing director at US India offices and
leads the Advertising, Marketing & Commerce (AM&C) offering portfolio in Deloitte Digital, US India Consulting. She specializes in experience-driven digital transformation of companies in energy and retail, helping them imagine, deliver, and run their digital ambitions. 
Anu’s career has diversity at its core. She has worked across product development services and consulting. A technologist at heart, she has led large-scale digital transformations for clients across geographies and multiple technologies helping them elevate their customer experience and achieve their growth targets. Anu currently leads our Advertising, Marketing & Commerce offering in US India within Deloitte Digital. 
Anu enjoys problem-solving and is passionate about planet and parity. She is a proponent of conservation in daily life and preserving culture for a better future. She loves storytelling and indulges her daughter and neighborhood kids in thought-provoking stories. When not innovating for clients or colleagues, Anu enjoys a long drive crooning her favorite Carnatic compositions.