As a global marketing and commerce leader, Barbara helps clients deliver inspiring and engaging personal experiences that drive customer loyalty and accelerate business growth.

Barbara believes that to today’s customers, the brand is the experience, and the experience is the brand. There is no distinction. Combining strategy, creative, and design with leading-edge technology, she helps clients build B2B and B2C loyal relationships across customer acquisition, service, and retention programs. By helping organizations build and leverage connections—between people, systems, data, and products—she helps deliver more personalized experiences for customers in moments and ways that matter.

Barbara has lived and worked in many parts of the world including Canada, Japan, and the US. She is a recognized leader in the marketplace and continues to work closely with many Silicon Valley tech companies to help accelerate digital innovation and adoption.

She’s a passionate advocate for women in technology and closing the STEM gap. She’s also fiercely passionate about making everyone feel they can be themselves and thrive at work—in every country, in everything they do, every day.
Her motto? Be inclusive every day and show appreciation for diversity in all its forms.

She is an avid sport enthusiast. On weekends, you can find her swimming, biking, and running in triathlons, or simply enjoying the best of Southern California weather and coastline.