As a managing director and the Life Sciences and Health Care Leader for Hux, David helps companies understand how to best leverage data and AI to deliver meaningful, personalized experiences to their physicians, patients, and members—every time.

Humanizing the health experience is about understanding, supporting, and connecting all customer constituents across the complex health care ecosystem. David works with life science companies along with health care plans and providers to elevate the human experience for patients and providers alike.

For more than 25 years, David has helped leading organizations deliver on targeted, data-driven marketing and engagement efforts through the delivery of predictive analytics and advanced technology platforms. He has led projects in a variety of industries including health care, life sciences, financial services, and automotive. He brings deep experience in targeted marketing strategy, business case development, and organizational change management for complex global clients.

David is an alumni of Boston University, and is based out of Boston. He is highly active in the innovation and marketing communities nationally. When he’s not busy speaking at conferences, publishing papers, or steering top companies toward more effective engagement strategies you can find David spending time with his family or driving a car on the racetrack.