As a leader in Creative Digital Consultancy, John is focused on helping Deloitte clients innovate and activate new business models and processes through the clever application of digital technologies.

Within Deloitte Digital, John leads the Digital Customer practice which encompasses Salesforce and the Salesforce ecosystem-focused practitioners along with sales and service operating model expertise and the digital experience and design teams who are focused on designing compelling strategies and experiences that the technology helps bring to life.

Over his 22-year tenure with Deloitte, John has played a variety of roles which have all been focused on various aspects of sales, service, and marketing effectiveness and associated technology implementation. He was a founding member of the Salesforce practice and an early proponent of the power of SaaS platforms to help transform businesses more quickly and profoundly than past approaches.

Under John’s leadership, the Deloitte Digital Salesforce Practice has seen unprecedented growth in supporting Fortune 500 companies to transform their customer engagement model and is now widely recognized as amongst the very best in the business.

As a native of Vancouver, Canada, John has spent his tenure with Deloitte in multiple locations including San Francisco, Amsterdam, London, Seattle, and New York serving clients in more than a dozen countries.

John currently resides in Fairfield, Connecticut with his wife, Beth, and his two children, Alex and Cameron.