Raman is the USI lead for assets/hybrid business ventures within the Customer & Marketing offering portfolio. He is a technology leader with over 20 years of global consulting experience, managing and delivering large-scale digital transformation programs.

As the assets/HBV leader, Raman helps incubate, scale, and commercialize our assets, products, and industry solutions to create new revenue channels and drive growth across market offerings for Deloitte Digital. Raman’s focus is on building top product talent and engineering capabilities to foster cultural and capability transformation towards enabling hybrid businesses.

Prior to the asset lead role, Raman spent over a decade in various client facing roles helping large global clients develop and implement their digital strategy and modernize their tech ecosystems. He brings deep experience in customer engagement, digital commerce, product development, and program management with expertise across multiple industries.

Raman has led the USI commerce capability, driving practice growth across markets, talent, skills, innovation, and delivery excellence. He has helped global clients develop and implement their digital transformation journey by enabling a strategic online presence, creating additional revenue channels, and amplifying their brands & market position through superior customer engagement.

He is passionate about leading cross-functional teams, driving measurable results, and enabling clients enhance customer engagement.

Off work, Raman likes to step back and wind down with his wife and two kids in the great outdoors! He is sports buff and is very competitive on and off on the field. He loves to play and is ready for a game of badminton or volleyball any time of the day or night.

The next time the Dallas Stars hockey team is on the ice, don’t forget to drop Raman a message to debate the trajectory of the match – he’ll be waiting!