Vidhya Visweswarababu is the USI Delivery Transformation and Innovation leader, and the USI offering lead for Customer Strategy and Applied Design. A technologist at heart, Vidhya leads with empathy and purpose. She powered her way from a technology manager to a leader at Deloitte Digital, India, overcoming numerous hurdles and inspiring us all along the way.
With a career spanning over 20 years, Vidhya drives digital strategy and transformation engagements for Deloitte’s clients across industries. She brings value to clients and people by helping them achieve their ambitions. She believes in building trust, ensuring transparency, and paving the path to success for both her clients and team!
Vidhya enjoys a walk on the wild side and working outside her comfort zone to deliver exemplary solutions. Added to her energetic persona is her passion for children’s education – she believes in paying it forward with her support for NGO’s pursuing this cause. When she’s not busy dabbling with innovative ideas or building customer experiences, she loves spending time with her sons, and helping them with their schoolwork. She also enjoys a good tune – especially if it’s Carnatic – paired with a new recipe she’s trying or while on holiday with her family.