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Gateway Health

Rebranding health care from the inside out

Our strategic and visual rebrand of Gateway Health helped them set a new standard for the health care industry—one that would transform their business and improve quality of life for its members.


Gateway Health believes that caring for a person’s health means going beyond doctors and medicine to take into account the social determinants (access to food, transportation, income, etc.) that affect its at-risk, underserved members' health. They needed a strategic and visual rebrand to help them stand out amid a crowded industry—where health equity is often an afterthought rather than a priority. With a new, purpose-driven identity that conveys their holistic approach to care, we aimed to help them gain market share in Pennsylvania and ignite employee engagement.
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We built the Gateway Health brand from the inside out, focusing first on redefining their values, vision, and mission. From there, we created a human-centered brand proposition that set a new standard for the industry by introducing a new kind of care—Wholecare. 

To bring Wholecare to life, we created a new logo inspired by the human form and a modular design system connecting simple shapes together to make up a whole, representing the holistic care given to every individual they serve. Together, the  new identity’s warm, approachable colors and relatable imagery send a message of authenticity that helps differentiate them in the generally cooler, more sterile health care space. 

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The best part? The rebrand, with its new mission, vision, and values, not only reinforces the brand promise of considering members’ physical, mental, and socioeconomic health while coordinating their care journey, but it creates a roadmap that helps Gateway Health associates deliver access to Wholecare to their growing Pennsylvania member base. 


The rebrand was a huge success internally. The freshly launched Wholecare creative reinvigorated employees, and helped to enable members in need to live more full, healthy, Whole lives, with an identity that fit their revolutionary approach to care. We also saw an immediate impact with potential consumers; in just six months, there was an increase of 30,000 new Medicaid members, 35 percent more website traffic, and a 200 percent increase in social followers and impressions. 
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The new brand perfectly captured the essence of how we approach caring for the whole person. Not only did we see positive gains in brand awareness, we also experienced a reenergized company culture that’s focused on caring for our members.”

Shelley Risk, Chief Marketing Officer


increase in Medicaid membership (over 30,000 members) 


increase in website traffic 


increase in brand favorability

  • 2021 GDUSA’s Health + Wellness Design Award
  • 2021 Health Advertising Awards, Logo Design (Gold) 
  • 2021 The One Show, Design: Branding – Identity System (Shortlist)
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