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Seeing 20/20–refining digital vision through an intuitive user experience

No matter their need, members and prospective members can access a relevant, trusted, and intuitive experience whenever, wherever, and however they want.


BECU realized that, to create an experience across all member touch points, they needed an enterprise digital strategy that incorporated all four lines of their business: consumer, small business, wealth management, and mortgage. The goal was to deliver a relevant, trusted, and intuitive experience that members and prospective members could access whenever, wherever, and however they want.

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Deloitte Digital addressed BECU’s key business issues: inconsistent member experience, growth needs, remote services support, and cross-selling products that aligned with their clients’ strategic priorities. We did this by providing BECU a three-year strategic roadmap that sequenced business and technology initiatives, as well as detailed the people, process, and technology required to support each initiative.



We delivered a digital vision that would enhance BECU’s member experience, address marketplace needs, and support their existing—and future—business objectives across the four business lines: improve BECU’s Net Promoter Score (NPS); empower self-service for BECU members, decrease the reliance on in-person transactions; increase engagement and understanding of members’ needs and specific journeys; and increase new membership.

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"Deloitte Digital mobile strategists are focused on transformation, not just the next bright and shiny app. We build companies like BECU the digital tools and plans they need to serve customers both today and in the future."