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Bomb Pop

Meeting Tweens where they’re at

Most Tweens (aged 9-14) and their parents know Bomb Pop as the seasonal summertime red/white/blue frozen novelty treat. We helped them move beyond limited occasion purchase by deepening cultural relevance and resonance with Tweens, driving sales by inspiring the group to ask for Bomb Pop by name.

Bomb Pop – Not One Thing


What makes Tweens special is their refusal to pick a single lane—they experiment with different outlets of self expression, identity, and interests—and this trait spills over into how they interact on digital channels. Our goal was to make Bomb Pop synonymous with Tween culture by putting the brand at the center of their universe, with content that celebrated them for all that they are—Not One Thing. This year’s evolution reminds them that Bomb Pop has a flavor for every “you.” A multitude of creative units surrounds Tweens and injects our spirit of fun, optimism, and visual delight through celebrations of Tweens’ multidimmensionality. These units are deployeded through videos, social GIFs, TikToks, Snap Lenses, and influencers—an array of platforms as diverse as our audience’s interests. By meeting Tweens where they consume media and providing them with true brand experiences, we’re tapping into and igniting their passion for self-expression through creativity and engaging with this younger audience on a whole new level.
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We crafted a fully-integrated digital campaign called Not One Thing that lives up to its title in every aspect, all the way down to our media plan. Our content pushes creative boundaries and brings the creative world of mashup culture to life across key Tween channels, including TikTok, Snapchat, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Our campaign invites Tweens to delight in impossible combinations (both IRL and with frozen treats) that happen when nobody is forced to choose a lane. We’re helping them ignite their own creativity within a world created by mashup culture, infinite possibilities, and the idea that anything goes.

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In our 2020 campaign, Bomb Pop demolished stereotypical approaches and spoke to Tweens as they truly are—celebrating their interests, passions, and identities. Tweens embraced Not One Thing, resulting in a Top Hashtag Challenge of 2020 on TikTok and a 24 percent lift in brand awareness on YouTube. Tween reactions also drove strong sales with Bomb Pop’s household penetration growing 39 percent and retail sales growing 43 percent versus the prior year period. The TikTok Hashtag Challenge sparked tremendous creativity from our Tween target with 2.3 million video creations and 4.1 billion video views during the six-day contest. The #NotOneThing hashtag challenge led to a 35 percent lift in ad recall (317 percent above benchmark).

This year’s campaign launched in May 2021. Check back soon to see our results!

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“Since Day 1, Bomb Pop has been a mashup of flavors, colors and textures. Deloitte Digital helped creatively articulate this ownable differentiation as 'Not One Thing,' bringing it to life across cutting-edge digital platforms that are hyper-relevant to our consumer target, resulting in sustained category-leading growth.”

Jeremy Hrynewycz, Senior Brand Manager, Bomb Pop

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