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Casey’s General Store

A community-based brand leads with digital

Casey's General Store wanted to digitize their customer experience. Deloitte Digital and our ecosystem of alliances knew just how to help.

Casey’s General Store, in the words of its CMO Chris Jones, is “a beloved business, but the way it was showing up to customers just made it feel less and less relevant with each passing year.” So the large Midwestern pizza and convenience store chain wholeheartedly took the plunge into digital transformation, re-energizing its relationship with customers and igniting sales growth.

Working with Deloitte Digital, Casey’s implemented cutting-edge solutions to digitize their customer ordering system and create a state-of-the-art website, mobile app, and loyalty program. It’s a success story that demonstrates how community-based brands with loyal customers can reinvent themselves to thrive in an age of digital disruption.

Casey’s General Store | A brand’s digital journey

“I can honestly say, we would not have been able to do what we did, as fast as we did, without the Deloitte Digital leadership and partnership along the journey.”

Art Sebastian, VP Digital Experiences, Casey’s General Store