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CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA insurer

An underdog in The Big Game

How can an underdog insurance brand break through a saturated marketplace, with competition outspending them on a massive scale? By creating a category of one: It’s not insurance, it’s InsurAAAnce.

CSAA Insurance Group | Bring me to InsurAAAnce


CSAA Insurance Group introduced the “Goodbye Insurance, Hello InsurAAAnce” campaign in 2020 to connect the AAA brand difference to their relatively unknown auto and home insurance offerings. The work established a foundational marketing engine that delivered the CEO’s monthly quote goals. In 2021-2022, monthly quote goals increased 68% while media and creative budgets remained the same. Deloitte Digital had to find new ways to drive outsized growth.


We identified and executed on new opportunities to make our existing marketing engine drive more growth:

  • Developed a new audience segmentation that identified new sources of business growth
  • Expanded InsurAAAnce campaign with new creative centered around nostalgic musical hits for our core audience segments, that launched during the Super Bowl, allowing us to secure local buys in key growth markets and enabling CSAA to be present in the biggest awareness moment of the year at a fraction of the cost
  • Drove efficient, widespread exposure for existing assets by arming the CMO with ideas and business rationale to bring national advertising opportunities to AAA’s two other insurance organizations, securing another $1M of spend from national partners to sponsor the 2022 HGTV Smart Home program
  • Implemented a multi-channel attribution (MCA) measurement model to provide recommendations on where and how to shift media budgets across channels to make CSAA’s small spend work smarter and harder


In CSAA core markets, running 1x Super Bowl spot delivered nearly half our quarterly Primetime TRP goals. And the sales team reported a large uptick in calls since airing our spot.
  • 116% lead-to-quote rate year-over-year
  • 79% monthly quote 
  • 28% reach across target markets
  • 42% brand impressions
  • 225% unaided awareness
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Total linear TV impressions


Quarterly Primetime TRP goals achieved in CSAA core markets


Total social/digital impressions


Increase in social media mentions on the day of Super Bowl 2022, compared to Super Bowl 2021


Spot reach in target markets


Increase in overall brand impressions, compared to average Super Bowl Sunday performance