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Improving cancer screening and patient outcomes with technology

Eastern Health needed a way to make their cancer screening programs more efficient for their team – and more effective for their patients. With ConvergeHEALTH Connect for Public Sector (“Health Connect”), we found the solution. 

Transforming Cancer Screening at Eastern Health


As the largest integrated health organization in Newfoundland and Labrador, Eastern Health is responsible for the Canadian province's breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening programs.
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Despite this, Eastern Health’s cancer care had a problem. Its cancer screening programs leveraged standalone applications segregated from other clinical information systems. Integrating these systems required health practitioners to complete a significant number of manual steps when recording patient data, and this introduced the possibility of human error and inaccurate screening results. Recognizing the effectiveness of screening in reducing cancer mortality rates and improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of care, Eastern Health sought a new solution from Deloitte Digital.

“We wanted to build a system that would meet the needs of today, but more so we wanted to meet the needs five years out, 10 years out, 15 years out, so Health Connect gave us that opportunity.” 

Ron Johnson, VP of innovation and rural health


To help Eastern Health standardize and modernize the technologies underpinning their cancer screening programs, we implemented our innovative Health Connect solution built on the Salesforce Health Cloud customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Through Salesforce Health Cloud and Health Connect, we created a system that integrates health records with our client registry, makes access to test results quicker, decreases wait times for patients, and limits the risk of errors, providing for an overall more efficient patient experience.

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We utilized agile, user-centered, and co-design methods to create a concise, comprehensive approach to patient management. By configuring Health Connect to include key functionalities such as campaign management, target population and bulk eligibility, analytics and reporting, screening management, results communication, schedule and follow-up management, and more, Eastern Health's providers were able to offer a higher level of care to their patients.

“It is a very concise, comprehensive approach to management of a patient. It makes my job a lot easier now.” 

Tracey Bavis, lead nurse, colon screening


Eastern Health now enjoys an integrated, patient-centered view of its screening initiatives and the foundation for future population-based disease screeening programs. Through our work, we found operational efficiencies and were able to expand beyond current screening programs, which, in turn, allowed the province to establish itself as a leader in preventive care.

Our Health Connect solution benefits Eastern Health's cancer screening programs and the population it serves by:

  • Increasing access to reliable data and the speed and efficiency of program reporting
  • Enhancing the ability of providers to efficiently navigate patients across the continuum of care
  • Providing access to therapy through an accelerated patient screening process
  • Allowing practitioners to engage and manage support services directly with patients
  • Integrating third-party technologies and modern tools for security, data encryption, and quality assurance

“In working with Deloitte Digital, we didn’t have to wait for months or years to get the solution. We did this in a very rapid, agile way, and the winners were our patients.” 

Ron Johnson, VP of innovation and rural health