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Mountain Dew

Maximizing a brand partnership

We teamed up with Mountain Dew (Pepsi) to maximize the impact of their brand partnership with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Pepsi + Activision - Mountain Dew + Doritos + Call of Duty - Come Get It


Mountain Dew needed to transcend their existing partnership with Modern Warfare by working their product into the core fabric of the game experience. However, Mountain Dew’s iconic irreverence has never fit with Modern Warfare’s visceral and serious world. Our challenge was to convince gamers that Dew belonged in the game, without compromising the brand’s core values.

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Our campaign maximized the potential of Mountain Dew's existing partnership with Modern Warfare by identifying and leveraging common insights from both fanbases. We wrote and filmed a series of world-mixing TVC and digital commercials that forever tied Mountain Dew to the Call of Duty universe and inspired consumer engagement.

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The results went beyond sales. The on-package codes we promoted were redeemed 2.5 million times proving engagement past purchase, and gamers used the Mountain Dew branded in-game content for 7 million hours. After seeing our campaign, fans agreed that Mountain Dew belonged in the game.

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million on-package promo codes redeemed


million hours spent using branded promotional in-game items

To put that in perspective, gamers engaged with our branded content for:

116,800 generations of house flies
5,600 dog years.
800 human years.
400 trips to Mordor to destroy the Ring of Power.
53 Quinceañeras.
8 Betty Whites.
1 Advertising Campaign.

Pepsi + Activision - Mountain Dew + Doritos + Call of Duty - Come Get It


One Show
Mountain Dew Camo Film: Short form Single

One Show
Mountain Dew Camo Film: Moving Image Craft Single

Regional ADDY’s
Mountain Dew Camo: Film Video & Sound: Branded Content & Entertainment

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