SoFi Stadium Hero Illustration

SoFi Stadium

A game-changing digital experience

Deloitte Digital helped engineer a technologically advanced guest journey for SoFi Stadium through an innovative, creative-led approach. 


Back in 2016, there was a big pile of dirt and an even bigger idea. Real estate developer and Los Angeles Rams Owner/Chairman E. Stanley Kroenke was realizing his vision for developing historic land in the heart of Los Angeles. The expansive project would include mixed-use commercial, retail, residential, and entertainment facilities and was designed to connect to and transform the once iconic Hollywood Park racetrack. Creating this singular world-class destination would require incredible planning, award-winning architecture, and a next-generation digital guest experience.

Hollywood Park’s chief technology officer understood that the guest experience begins long before arrival at a venue like this one; it is managed increasingly by guests through their mobile devices in non-linear ways. He envisioned a digital journey that starts on the couch, kicks into high gear at the curbside of SoFi Stadium—the centerpiece of Hollywood Park—and concludes back where it began—hours, days, or months after the glow of a game, a concert, or a gathering with friends subsides. Enabling this experience would require intentionally and strategically embedding the necessary capabilities into the stadium’s infrastructure while it was being built.

Each football game would draw tens of thousands of fans to SoFi Stadium from around the world, but Hollywood Park was conceived as a destination for every day of the year. The enhanced digital experience needed to be designed to meet the needs of families who might visit on any given Tuesday, workers onsite for jobs throughout the week, residents who’d call the site their home, and everyone in between. Hollywood Park needed a delightful and meaningful digital experience to deliver seamless, intuitive, and contextual interactions so guests might feel as if the experience had been created just for them.

This was a highly complex technology challenge. And it couldn’t be tackled with technology alone.


The dirt lot became a temporary office complex (fabricated from connected construction trailers) and the new home for a cross-functional team of Deloitte Digital professionals. This team included football fans and sports agnostics, Los Angeles natives, and individuals from across the United States and India. It was comprised of an intentionally broad mix of backgrounds and specializations, with designers, engineers, strategists, analysts, and cyber specialists working side by side.

Using a creative-first approach, Deloitte Digital helped architect a plan that would drive requirements for technology, data, content, and more. The team defined guest personas to anticipate the needs and interests of a range of potential end users and set priorities to incorporate into a best-in-class digital experience. The native mobile application evolved through rapid development and iteration into something akin to a social feed. Integrated functionality like ticketing flowed organically into logical next actions, such as reserving parking or scheduling transportation.

First-of-its-kind navigation technology was built to power wayfinding—inside and outside the building—with directions adapting based on what stadium access a guest may have.

Additionally, significant third-party integrations, including options that allow guests to buy tickets or arrange for a ride without leaving the stadium app, were all worked through in meticulous detail.

Deloitte cybersecurity specialists helped create a comprehensive set of capabilities designed to help keep SoFi Stadium’s visitors, operations, and digital properties safe—a vital part of any modern-day guest journey.

Beyond these leading-edge features, Deloitte Digital specialists also assisted in creating several next-generation marketing offerings for advertisers and sponsors. They also converted data insights in ways that allowed for a personalized guest experience.


Deloitte Digital helped create, build, and launch an innovative digital guest experience at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park designed to maximize customer, sponsor, and business value well beyond game day.

Executing on our client’s bold vision for the 3.1 million-square-foot indoor/outdoor stadium required the breadth of Deloitte Digital, bringing a cross-functional team of creative professionals, technologists, analysts, data architects, product managers, and more, around a single mission. Deloitte Digital also serves as an official digital transformation provider and an official technology alliance sponsor of SoFi Stadium, YouTube Theater, and the Hollywood Park development.

As construction continues throughout the remainder of the property, the advanced digital capabilities and next-gen marketing offerings Deloitte Digital helped implement are already delivering a highly personalized experience for guests—and are designed to do so for decades to come.